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This is weird but just bear with me. I am very intuitive. My husband has been suffering with allergies, i.e., sneezing, runny nose, and general misery. I am sensitive to petroleum pollution

So, we both used Brent's Allergy program.

Right afterwards, I went to tell my husband but he was taking a nap, so I laid down next to him and took a nap too. When he woke up he said, “Wow I feel good, what happened?” I reminded him of the Allergy Clearing program, and he said “I think it worked on me! ”

Well, he was right. He hasn’t had anymore sneezing or runny nose and eyes for 2 weeks now, and neither have I.

WOW! Amazing...I would not believe it's real if it hadn't helped both of us.

~Justina B.

I decided I should try using Brent's allergy clearing program, as autoimmune diseases are similar to allergies – according to something I read on the Internet, anyway. So I did this – with the allergy/sensitivity being my own muscles. I did it for muscles, joints, fascia, ligaments, tendons, etc. I had a distinct ‘feeling’ that something major happened, so I made an appointment with the rheumatologist.

I was diagnosed by the rheumatologist as having the disease “polymyalgia rheumatica” which essentially means “every major muscle group hurts like H***!. This is an autoimmune disease and it is treatable with steroids – usually a one year protocol.

When I started the steroids, my SEDS rate was 43. But, just two weeks later, after I had used Brent's Allergy Clearing program and my  SEDS rate that week was just 9. My rheumatologist does not understand how I could be well within “normal” after only being on steroids for only a few weeks; he expected the rate to be in the 30’s. I wasn’t surprised at all, since this wasn't my first miracle with Brent!

~Steve R.

I had an extreme cat allergy for over a decade. My allergic response was so severe, (including outrageous sneezing, burning eyes and congestion), I would have to leave a cat home within minutes. After going through Brent's Allergy program, I found myself at a friend’s 3-cat home, and had forgotten to take the Claratin in my purse for FOUR HOURS! 

It wasn’t until I realized I’d forgotten to take the Claritin, that I looked at the clock and realized I’d been there so long among the cats without a single symptom! I was comfortable and clear as a bell. This was a fantastic and wonderful lifestyle altering change for me; since I could only spend time at certain homes and functions medicated. No more!

I figured heck if he can heal allergies, maybe he can help fix my back? I had very acute backache, so severe I could not inhale without extreme pain. Immediately during a private session with Brent, the pain was vastly better during the session, and was completely gone within 3 hours.

A strange hand swelling and stiffness occurred after some overwork, and nearly overnight after a session with Brent, the symptoms that had been building for 10 days, subsided significantly by the next morning.

~ Kay  C.

I had gone with my good friend to hear Brent Michael Phillips speak and the place was packed that night.

Somewhere in the middle of Brent’s talk, he asked everyone who was allergic to cats to come up to the front for a healing. I immediately popped up and walked to the front of the room, since I've  been allergic to cats for as long as I can remember.

I found myself with about 15 others up there and in about 5 minutes, Brent did his allergy clearing process for the group. All I can remember is that he asked us to stand a certain way and answer questions during the healing. He never touched anyone and he himself closed his eyes at times. It was a very relaxing feeling, though I secretly thought, “This isn’t really doing anything.”

Well, about two months later, I went to stay at my friend, Michelle’s house for two weeks. Michelle has two cats and two dogs and there is always cat hair everywhere. We always joke about it because whenever I had gone over to her house in the past, I teared up and was rubbing my eyes like crazy with allergies in the first five minutes of being there.

Yet, I arrived this time in the morning and we spent the whole day and night in that house. We were all relaxing on the couch that night, when I finally noticed that I didn’t even feel allergic in the least bit. Michelle though it was strange and asked me about it. Ha! It was then that I remembered Brent’s healing from two months back. I couldn’t believe it! I wasn’t allergic to cats anymore!! Whoa, I thought, that healing actually worked!!

I stayed at Michelle’s for the next two weeks and I never had one symptom of an allergy. It was incredible!

Thank you so much Brent for this gift. I can’t wait to get another healing!  Keep on sharing!

Many blessings...

~ Jolette S.

"My cat Ebby is nearly 16 years old and had recently developed a food allergy that was causing her to vomit a lot. Brent worked to heal the allergy (it is now completely gone) and also healed her fear of dogs! She had two little cysts where a large dog had bitten her a few years ago. About three weeks after the session, the cysts dried up and fell off! Needless to say, Ebby is now one extremely delighted kitty-cat!

I can never express how grateful I am that you are here to help us all, Brent.

Thank you, with all of my heart!

~ Amy B.

I was introduced to Brent Michael Phillips in April. I immediately joined his VIP Club and started downloading all the available programs. I diligently went through all the sessions and read all the books and material he provided. In late May, I went through Allergy Clearing Program concentrating on Insulin and Benzaldehyde chemicals to which I have allergies.

I went through his Allergy Clearing process on May 26. I also did a private session with him to work on healing my Diabetes. I had a visit with my Endocrinologist later on the same day. I requested that he prescribe a different type of Insulin. On May 30, I started my new Insulin Therapy.

Intuitively, I knew after using Brent's process, I would not have any major reaction to the new medication and I was proven right! My glucose fasting reading prior to start of the new Insulin Therapy was 290 on May 30.

During period of one week, I have had two remarkable achievements I would call TOTAL IN YOUR FACE MIRACLES!

First, I have not had any major allergic reaction to new Insulin Therapy, and second, I have been able to drastically reduce my glucose level. I know I will reach my target of having 120 fasting glucose levels in short time.

I know now with full certainty despite access to world class medicine and evidence based medicine I would not have achieve this result without Brent’s help and his technology.

Now, I don’t have to deal with premature death and all the major complication that are caused by uncontrolled Diabetes. And, even better, I no longer have any allergic reaction to the insulin!


~ Stephen S.

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Meet Brent!

Brent Michael Phillips is a successful MIT-trained engineer who experienced a staggering physical challenge when, after years on total disability due to injuries and illness, his arm became immobile and frozen at the elbow after a surgery. After a long battle of unsuccessful treatments Brent discovered the miracle of energy healing when his arm was instantly and miraculously healed.

Having grown up with many severe allergies that forced him to spend years going to doctors for allergy shots, once of the first things he did with this new power was to heal his many allergies and food sensitivities. And it worked...in fact, it worked so well that his doctor thought the lab must have made a mistake when he got his allergies re-tested and they were all totally clear!

Knowing his life path was fortuitously altered, he has spent years studying with various master healers and spiritual teachers to discover and reverse-engineer the scientific laws and principles of the subconscious mind.

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