John Cutajar

John Cutajar

Certified Awakening Dynamics Instructor

Change your beliefs and you will change your life. That statement is the essence of my practice and what I believe in. My super power is seeking out the beliefs that are sabotaging your success, quickly removing them, and replacing them with beliefs that will help you achieve your goals and change your thoughts permanently. I am passionate about helping people as they work through their breakthroughs, while expanding their awakening and consciousness on this planet.. What sets me apart from other healers is that I facilitate rapid transformation of subconscious beliefs with the Awakening Dynamics® system.This system gives you instant feedback so you are aware of exactly what beliefs you have and you receive the confirmation that they have been shifted.

I experienced extraordinary success in the business, sales, and banking world before being led to an extensive investigation of energy and spiritual work. My own awakening began when I started reading “The Psychology of selling” by Ron Willingham, followed bysilva training , Landmark Forum series of seminars followed by “Celestial 911” by Robert B. Stone. It was through these readings and seminars that I began to have an interest in the human subconscious which led me to do this work. This led me to Brent Phillips who I mentored under for four years as he taught first Theta Healing® and then his own system Awakening Dynamics®.

I have created and or adapted thought and shift protocols to help nearly every aspect of one’s life, from prosperity and attraction, to motivation, to health and happiness, and fulfilling relationships. Have you ever checked in with in your awareness? It can be a powerful tool that can either hinder your success or enhance your success. The answer is always within you and I guarantee that you will be impressed at how quickly I can help you discover the root of your issue and how together we can permanently change it so you can finally achieve the phenomenal life you desire.

Huntington Beach, CA, USA
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