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overcoming fear

Acceptance Sounds Pretty Lame – Why Should I Care?

As far as special event topics go, Acceptance isn’t terribly sexy…I’d imagine that you don’t run around thinking “Wow, I’d pay a small fortune for a way to get more acceptance into my life!”  :\
Similarly, I doubt that many of us go online and put more acceptance into a search engine to find a book to buy or a seminar to attend. Truth be told, I’m not sure anybody would want to go and spend money on something that sounds as lame and boring as acceptance!
I will freely admit that I wasn’t originally planning on doing this special event, simply because I didn’t think it would sound appealing. But as I have been working on the upcoming Awakening special event, it became clear to me that we needed to follow up on last month’s series on Forgiveness and do an event that focused on Acceptance in order to help you get ready for the Awakening. I don’t intend to procrastinate or give the impression there is something wrong with us, but it would just be premature to release the Awakening before this material. As we’ll cover in detail in the Awakening series, what typically happens to someone who isn’t fully ready for Awakening is that they will be shown the truth of their being, say “Gee, that’s interesting”, and then forget about it and go right back to sleep. I don’t want this to happen to you, and because there was clearly more work to do to prepare everyone for the Awakening, I have created this series on Acceptance to give you everything you need so you can move into the Awakened state and stay there!
So congratulate yourself for reading this article, because while the topic of Acceptance lacks sizzle and visceral appeal, it is arguably the single most important and most powerful thing to have in your life.
Today we’re going to focus on why acceptance really matters so you’ll see clearly why it’s important and how acceptance really does hold the potential to help you quickly and easily solve all the problems in your life.
You see, for most of my life I was of the opinion that things like forgiveness and acceptance were for suckers, and as such they provided only coping mechanisms to help people who were unable to solve their problems. My thinking could be summarized as “Those who can, solve their problems; those who can’t, use forgiveness and acceptance to cope.”
In the coming days we’ll be delving deep into what it takes to achieve true acceptance, but I want to give you the big picture right away so you can get at least a sense of how this material can help you with your immediate problems and challenges.
In a nutshell, the reason acceptance is so powerful and transformative is that is frees up your power to start creating more of your life out of love or free choice, as opposed to creating your life out of fear or resistance.
When I look back at my life, I see in retrospect that most of what I’ve created has been from a place of resistance, or “away-from motivation”. If I had to put numbers on it, I would estimate that most of us create about 99% of our lives out of resistance and fear, and only about 1% out of free choice and love. So no matter what your problems are–money struggles, physical health, emotional health, loneliness, a difficult relationship, family problems, you name it–don’t you think it’s going to be tough to solve your problems using just 1% of your power? Of course it is! And making even a tiny change in the amount of acceptance you can bring into your day to day life can make a huge difference. After all, if this material helps you to just slightly nudge those numbers to 98% and 2%, you’ve effectively doubled your power–and as a result you are likely to soon double your income.
Of course, if you’re familiar with my work and have been in the VIP Club for a while, you’re probably doing a lot better than the average person. Even so, there is almost certainly room for improvement–Iknow that I’ve been studying and practicing this material for decades and I recognize that resistance and fear still play too large a role in how I manifest my life.
In the following days, we’ll explore some not-so-obvious facets of acceptance, and provide insights, tips, tricks, and guidelines to help you find more acceptance and multiply your personal power (andincome!). We’ll start by covering the prerequisites to Awakening, the critical difference bet ween accepting and condoning, and some great ways to leverage acceptance to increase your power and experience greater prosperity, health, and love. Then we’ll move into more advanced teachings and explain why so many of us get frustrated and find it difficult to accept “what is” , identify and explain the Three Stages of spiritual growth, and reveal the secret nature of your true life purpose, which I can pretty well guarantee isn’t anything even close to what you think it is.

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