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Shift Your Consciousness into “The Matrix” and See Auras, Visible Energy, and “The Truth” with your Eyes – Right From Your Home!

Brent has devoted his life to mastering energy healing and sharing what he has learned with the world, and that includes spending over ten years as a full-time healer and working extensively with many different teachers, classes, training programs, and intensives in order to enhance and refine his intuition, and develop his ability to see and read energy.

One of the most profound and remarkable shifts he’s experienced is awakening the ability to literally see with open eyes beyond the limited four-dimensional physical reality around us, directly viewing the underlying realm of energy, or “The Matrix.”

It took Brent over four years of intensive work and well over $100,000 in trainings, sessions, and special supplements specifically to develop this ability.  As of the time this was written, there are only five people in the world we know of who can manipulate and tune the human energy field in order to shift your consciousness and see the living energy fields that are the true framework of our reality.

And fortunately for you, two of them have come together to create this revolutionary video so you can develop this incredible ability in the comfort of your own home!

Here is what Johann had to say:

My name is Johann I’m not affiliated with Brent Philipps nor with Daniel Metraux nor Theta Healing LA, Inc.

I voluntared to be a beta tester for this new product offered through the VIP club from Brent’s website and was chosen together with several others out of a pool from many. During my lifelong path of metaphysical studies eventually I found Theta Healing and signed up for several seminars offered by Brent Philipps I enjoyed all of them with great pleasure and eager to learn everything I could to successfully implement Theta Healing as part of my life. Brent has a broad knowledge in many fields and his own miracles of healings (read about it on his web page) through the powerful concept of Theta Healing. He is a gifted teacher and applies his years of being a practitioner into all of his seminars, which really make them a treat to attend.

This same concept very much shows in his new joint product with Daniel which is very professionally and well made. When I used it the first time the effect I experienced was very profound and very relaxing on every part of my mind and body, to say the least. During the duration of the video time seemd to be of no importance everything just fell in place with no conscious participation of mine. I could see the auras around both of them with a clarity and tint I did not experienced any time before, with the auras surrounding there faces morphed into several different ones out of there lifetimes. This is something I have not experienced with anything I tried before. I watched the Conscious Shifting video right before going to bed and had the best sleep in a long time. After the first time watching it I started using the video once in the morning and once during evening hours which really helped me to develop my intuitivity, seeing auras much better and being more relaxed all the time.

Overal I like to recommend this to everyone interrested in developing his spiritual potential to a new level never experienced before.

– Johann


  • The energy used in this video is quit powerful – this video is NOT designed for beginners, or anyone who is mentally, physically, or emotionally frail or unstable!
  • If you have any doubts or concerns about whether or not you should be using this, please contact Brent to schedule a private session, where he can perform this process with you one-on-one and closely monitor your energy to ensure it is safe and comfortable for you.
  • Nothing like this has ever been attempted before, and we honestly do not fully understand the ramifications or potential effects on the user or on Brent and Daniel of unleashing these energies.
  • You can use this video with your eyes opened or closed, but if you normally medidate with your eyes closed, you may wish to try it with your eyes open, so you can see the physical visual effects described above. It is a little-known fact that closed eye meditations are primarily for beginners, and many advanced meditations are done with the eyes open.

What is included in the Consciousness Shifting video?

The Consciousness Shifting video process consists of three parts (two of which you can immediately download from this page for free):

  • A short introductory video which explains the process and how it works;
  • A short overview document that provides instructions on how you can use the Consciousness Shifting video to get the best results;
  • The Consciousness Shifting video itself (approximately 10 minutes), which you can use repeatedly.

What will happen when I use the Consciouesness Shifting video, and what can it do for me?

Here’s a short list of the most common experiences people have during a Consciousness Shifting session:

  •     You may have increased or even very powerful feelings of peace, ease, and contentment.
  •     If you are in physical or emotional pain, you may feel it decrease or disappear completely. Depending on the root cause of your pain, it may or may not return afterwards.
  •     You may see a white aura around Brent’s head, Daniel’s head, and/or any other object you are focusing on. This is know as the “aura” or “halo”.
  •     You may see narrow bands of color around the edges of the white auras.
  •     You may see the entire screen and the whole room around you fade to either black or white – the only thing you’ll be able to see clearly is Brent’s or Daniel’s face.
  •     You may see Brent’s and/or Daniel’s face blur, and be replaced by a different face. If this happens, don’t panic, what you are seeing are their incarnations in other lifetimes!
  •     The longer you can stay in the attunement energy without blinking your eyes, the more powerful the visual effects will be become.
  •     If you blink your eyes or look away, the visual effects will likely decrease or disappear immediately, and things will return to “normal.”
  •     Depending on your exact background and wiring, you may or may not experience these visual effects immediately – remember that it took Brent years of work with master teachers to develop this ability. However, nearly everyone can “feel” the energy of the consciousness shift immediately, even on their first use.
  •     If you use this video often and learn to deeply enter into “The Matrix”, you may notice it happening spontaneously when you are not watching the video.
  •     You are likely to see an immediate and remarkable increase in intuive ability – your intuitive senses will be come more powerful, clearer, and sharper, and you may start to receive intuitive readings spontaneously.
  •     WARNING: Through repeated exposure to this energy, you are likely to make more money, feel better physically and emotionally, and radiate power, confidence, and beauty.

How often should I use Consciousness Shifting?

You may wish to start by limiting yourself to one viewing per day, to give your mind and body time to adapt to the new energy.

After you get comfortable with the experience, you may experiment with slowly and gradually increasing your usage, but please always use common sense!

If you are sensitive to energy and have done signficant intuitive work, you may experience all the vivid visual sensations immediately. If not, keep working with it, as most people start to see the visual effects after a few months of regular use.

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