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Abundance Through Benevolence

The topic of this special event is what I like to call abundance through benevolence, which I define as creating prosperity for yourself and your family in a way that also uplifts others and makes a positive change in the world. 
It’s unfortunate that most of us grew up bombarded by cultural belief systems that tell us the prosperity and abundance are most easily achieved through manipulation or taking advantage of or even harming others.
The good news is that it is absolutely possible to achieve abundance through benevolence! And when you understand the mechanics of how prosperity really works, you’ll find it’s often easier to create sustainable prosperity as an Awakened light-worker.
The goal of the special event is to give you the knowledge, tools, and resources to clear those old limiting belief systems and start creating your own path to abundance through benevolence!
The bulk of each article and video in this series will cover important aspects of achieving abundance through benevolence, with the goal of deepening your under  standing of both how and why it can really work for you. The last section of each article includes a list of common blocks and downloads designed for you to muscle test and then download or clear, to help you to  manifest your goals of experiencing abundance through benevolence. These lists are not included in the videos because it is much easier to use the articles to go through and test and clear or download them at your own pace.
You can do all the downloads and block clearings on yourself instantly if you’ve taken or plan to take my Awakening Dynamics: Level I training class, but of course there are other ways to work with the subconscious mind. A few other options for doing the block clearings and downloads include:
  • You can contact me (emailsessions@theformulaformiracles.com, or call 8189150960) to schedule a private session with me; if my rates don’t fit your budget, I’d be happy to refer you to one of my select star students and certified Awakening Dynamics teachers that I have invited to join my practice, or
  • Submit the blocks and downloads you need to one of my Wealth Club events, or
  • Use another modality that you are familiar with. 
So what exactly is benevolence? Dictionary.com defines benevolence as follows:
Benevolence: the desire to do good to others; goodwill; charitableness
I like to think of benevolence as simply living life in a way that provides win-win solutions so everybody benefits and prospers!
One of the biggest blocks to achieving abundance through benevolence is our cultural belief system that money is a zero-sum game. In other words, we tend to think that there is only so much money to go around. This belief leads to the conclusion that in order for me to have more money, someone else must have less money.
Of course, money is in fact a zero-sum game within a artificially limited context; for example, if you took a static snapshot of the world economy at one instant in time, there is in fact a fixed amount of wealth consisting of precious metals, real estate, cash, businesses, intellectual property, etc. However, money is NOT a zero-sum game when we include the possibility of technological improvements, efficiencies from trade and specialization, and other factors that contribute to economic growth. In other words, it really is true that all of us can have more! The only thing that holds us back is our limiting paradigms and archaic belief systems. Most very successful and wealthy people understand this especially those that are self-made and have subconscious beliefs to match!
Another aspect of most rich people – that may be very surprising – is that most of them REALLY want you to be rich too! Once you under stand that money is not a zero-sum game, you will want others to prosper along with you, even if for no other reason
than for you to have that many more customers who want to spend more money on
your products and services! And most rich people would love for you to be rich too so they have more rich friends to hang out with and who can afford to do really cool stuff with them.
The reality of our current world is that poverty is an epidemic disease that affects nearly every person in one way shape or form; even if you or your family happens to be extremely wealthy,you are always at risk from crime or other acts of violence or desperation by the poor and less fortunate. There is no solution to the world’s big problems through greater degrees of manipulation and exploitation; that only makes the disease worse, and sadly that’s exactly what’s been happening in the world the last several years.
However, it is certainly possible – and well within our current abilities – to solve the world epidemic of poverty simply redefining our egoic identification.
What do I mean by that? Egoic identification is at the core of the Awakening process: it is to  nderstand and redefine what exactly “YOU” and “I” are. Lots more on that later in this series!
Lastly, in case it wasn’t already obvious, I want to point out that abundance is about far more than just making money! To me, abundance means having plenty of money, plenty of friendship, plenty of hobbies, plenty of happiness, plenty of love, plenty of meaningful work, and plenty of opportunities to make the world a better place. For a more complete overview of what true abundance entails, please see my VIP Club special event Flourishing.
For now, to get us started with the subconscious clearing to support your journey towards abundance through benevolence, let me offer this list of beliefs for you to muscle test and then either download or clear:
DOWNLOADS: (i.e. you want a “yes” result from muscle testing)
I know how to make money without being greedy
I know what it
feels like to make money without being greedy
I know how to make money without taking advantage of others
I know what it feels like to make money without taking advantage of others
I know how to get more money without cheating or stealing
I know what
it feels like to get more money without cheating or stealing
BLOCKS (i.e. you want a “no” result from muscle testing)
I have to be greedy to make money
Money is a zero-sum game
I have to take advantage of people to make money
I have to cheat or steal to make money
There is only so much money to go around
Someone must lose money for me to get more money

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