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Did you know that a single “Great Lie” is responsible for ALL the suffering in your life?

That’s right: there is one fundamental misunderstanding that creates all suffering! Quite simply, it is the incomplete understanding of exactly what YOU – awareness – are, and are not.

This “Great Lie” is so deeply embedded into our culture and our society that almost nobody sees it…and the lucky few that can see through this “Great Lie” are the masters, gurus, and teachers we call Enlightened.

The good news is that you don’t actually have a bunch of different problems in life (money, health, relationships, living situation, career, etc.) Instead, there is only one problem – living entirely from ego – underneath all these symptoms, and it has a solution for spiritual awareness:: Awakening!

The process of genuine spiritual awareness has been the basis of nearly every religious and spiritual tradition throughout history and is the ultimate spiritual solution to nearly every problem in life.

Know that it is NOT your fault that you were trained by your parents, teachers, the media, and the government to live entirely from ego. Essentially, we all learn to “live backwards”, virtually ensuring that life will be filled with struggle, suffering, and disappointment.

Fortunately, learn to live from Awakening – also known as presence, or living “in the now” – can solve nearly any problem, from health to wealth to love to finding your meaning and purpose in life.

The essential teachings of Awakening

law of attraction

The essential teachings of Awakening are to show you how life and the Universe really works, which leads quickly to overcoming attachment to result. Next, fear, resentments, regrets, guilt, shame, and anxiety can quickly dissipate, and you are on the direct path to Enlightenment.

A partial list of benefits you can get from the Awakening process include:

  • A significant decrease in stress and worry, in particular money stress
  • A significant decrease in fears, in particular the fears of illness, death, and dying
  • Releasing attachment to result and achieving genuine presence
  • Powerful insights into how you have been stuck in your spiritual path and in life
  • A quantum increase in your ability to enjoy and benefit from meditation
  • An improvement in your ability to remain calm and focused in even the most difficult and stressful circumstances
  • A significant increase in your ability to see the good in all situations
  • A notable improvement in your ability to love and feel compassion for others

Would you be interested in a simple, 30 day guided process that will lead you to a genuine spiritual awakening?

spiritual awareness

One of the fun benefits of Awakening is that you’ll be able to discern the hidden truth in nearly all religious and spiritual traditions: they’re all about Awakening!

  • Would you like to learn how to see beyond the limited four-dimensional physical reality so that you can expand your perceptions and see auras and energy with your open eyes?
  • Would you like to understand how to identify and avoid the “Three Terrible Traps” that block advanced spiritual progress?
  • Would you like to start a step by step processes to evolve your consciousness to the highest levels of what is possible for humans to achieve?
  • Would you like to learn how to win the “7 games of consciousness” that we are here on Earth play, including love, money, and spiritual truth?
  • Would you like how to identify and clear subconscious developmental traumas that are at the root of most adult problems with health, wealth, and relationships?

There’s actually three important reasons why Awakening can be a difficult challenge; in fact, many extremely dedicated people have spent their entire lives chasing Awakening. However, all these challenges are solvable with the right resources and technology.

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Chris Brandell, Vienna

Dear Brent, I just did my first Program lecture and Block Clearing program from the package I purchased on the uwealthrevolution. I truly wasn’t expecting anything to occur immediately, but literally the minute I finished the clearing program and took the headphones out of my ears, my brother sent me an electronic transfer of some money he owed me. Although I had no doubt he would pay me within the next week or two, I found the timing of his sending it through email to be EXTREMELY coincidental, such that it has to be related to me unblocking something and not a coincidence. It was truly amazing. I’m a believer and can’t wait to continue through the programs!! Thank you. Chris

Bernie Scott

About a year after taking the four basic courses with Brent in LA, I had an experience very similar to Brent with his mother and endometrial cancer. My daughter who lives in a city across the country is handicapped and has been in a wheelchair most of her life and is now in her 50’s. Through another daughter who I live with, I found out she was diagnosed with endometrial cancer at Level 3 and was scheduled for surgery in 4 weeks. I do talk to her occasionally by phone but had not heard about this, so I called, got the details and briefly tried to explain Theta Healing. She is strongly in the baptist religion so I simply explained it was a form of energy healing prayer and asked if I could use it for her. She said yes and I asked her to hold on the line. When I went to the Creator and commanded the healing and returned (less than a minute) I found she had put me on hold to talk with one of her doctors who called. I didn’t have time or her attention to do much else so I just asked to be kept informed of what was happening. She had the surgery and was taken to ICU after and I learned the next day she started to have resiratory problems, which is the greates threat for her since she does not have the muscle strength to cough and expel congestion. I returned to the Creator and asked that any post surgical complications be healed since I wasn’t sure i had covered that in my original command. Within a day, the lungs began to clear and she went home 3 days later to the surprise of the doctors, staff and family. She had lab tests on the tissue removed and had been scheduled for chemo and radiation therapy after surgery. The surgeon told her after the lab results that this was only the second case she has ever seen where the tissue had no signs of cancer. Chemo and radiation therapy was suspended and she has been cancer free over a year later. As Brent says in his case with his mother, this has certainly made all the time and expense in learning about Theta Healing worth it and a blessing in itself.

Elaine G

Hello Brent,

I just watched your Confidence 101 video series now. Your interpretation of confidence in many life situations was unique and freeing.

It both reinforced some ideas and gave me new ideas to try out. I’ll let you know what unfolds. Thank you for this series.


I went through the Unleash your Inner Millionaire I about 2 weeks ago, and just about every day since then, I’ve been recieving either free money (ranging from $5 to $400) from different sources. I’ve also attracted “rich” experiences into my life like experiencing a formal holiday dinner party (eating off of GOLD utensils), and having 2 different people offer to find me a “millionaire husband” (joking of course) without knowing I did this program! I am also able to recognize different forms of “wealth” in my life that I did not appreciate before. I am interested in what Unleash Your Inner Millionaire II has in store…

Maria Green

Hi Brent,

I really enjoyed the satsang you held a few days ago, especially the referral to the absolute and relative perspectives. Thank you for the opportunity to ask questions, as it helped clarify what we were confused about from the articles. I am looking forward to your upcoming trainings!


I bought Brent’t package after listening to you wealth with Darius and I have been clearing for  a day or so and I just cannot believe the shift that has happened in my life.

I have dragged a pattern of heartbreaks in relationhsips since the age of 12.

The word relationships is no correct, because none of these have ever developped beyond the stage of meeting someone, liking them them liking me back and then out of the blue this person who seemed so mitten with me all of sudden wouldn’t even meet for a coffee.

It happened about 5 times and everytime I went into pain and loss months and sometimes years at a time and I couldn’t understand what had happened.

The last time it happened, it was 6 years ago, I met a guy who was the manifestation of my dream guy.

I had made a vision board one month prior with Georges Clooney in his scrubs (from ER), I had no clue what my ideal guy looked like and I wasn’t convinced but thought, well if he is anything like good old Geroges, it can’t be bad.

During that month, I was meditating and praying, I was very centered, my performing career was taking off and at the same time I was thinking if I stayed single until the end of my days, I would be fine.

So I met him at one of my giggs, he was one of the performers on the bill, We got introduced by a mutual acquaintance, when I first set eyes on him I thought.. cute… but nothing more, then we started talking and he said something to another guy which I found hillarioulsy funny and I laughed, I couldn’t stop..

During that laughter something happened, I had like a flashback, literally a light went on in my head, it was like someone just turned the lights on and I saw this image of myself as a little girl, age 8, laughing.

When I stopped laughing, I looked around and it was like coming out of a trance, I realised that everyone else was silent and that I had been laughing really loud, I felt embarassed, so I made my excuses and left the table thinking, this is weird and went to join anohter group of performers at another table. 

He came later on and asked for my phone number, I gave it to him without asking for his and made my way out as soon as my performance was finished, I just wanted to get away from him as quickly as possible and left wihout even saying goodbye.

He texted me later on that night and said he thought I was really talented. I also found out from another friend, that the performing was just his hobby and that  he was actually a surgeon.

He kept texting and calling me and I kept thinking why would this successful, good looking, funny, witty, surgeon would want from me?

I finally decided to meet him after 3weeks, the night before the meeting without knowing why, I felt so sad, I drank a bottle of wine and cried all night, I cried over all the realtionships that have never gone anywhere, over  the people I met and loved and who ditched me out of the blue for no apparent reason.

I should have been happy, I wasn’t, I had a sense of foreboding which I didn’t understand,  I knew somehow that he was too good for me and that I was going to blow it.

I decided that the best course of action was to have a chaperone for our first date, I decided to bring my ex along to the ‘date’, he then said well if you bring a ‘friend’  then I will bring a friend along. he got delayed for about 4 hours, he was called to operate on a guy with kidney failureas as he was about to leave to meet me, so he arrived late,  and I was fuming.

I din’t understand how someone could be 4 hours late for a first date :-) 

I had drank about 2 bottles of wine to calm my nerves and was in a foul mood. It was the most horrible date I have ever had, with my ex giving him tips on how to get me to sleep with him or something similar :-)

I lectured him that night on the non-sense of being a surgeon, I told him that he went into surgery simply to get his dads approval, his dad is also a surgeon, I told him that he was a far better performer and he shouldn’t waste his gifts being a surgeon, that medicine was based on a false premise and that it would soon be wipped out by energy healing.

The following day I sent him a long email saying that as I was super entlightened and he obvioulsy wasn’t as someone who was practicing main stream medicine, that he was a moron, and that consequently there was 0 possiblity for him and me to ever co-exist in the same universe let along be friends.

He replied saying that he wished me well.

I was uneasy about the whole thing, so I contacted him a month later and apologised for my behaviour saying that I had abandonment issues and if we could be friends, yes sure..he said.but he never took anohter call from me or agreed to meet me.

I have been pinning for him ever since, it’s coming up to 6 years.

I,ve tried every trick in the book to get him to change his mind, I have beliefs around if I don’t earn it I won’t appreciate it,

I had so much grief and sense of loss, 3 days after I met him, a voice in my head said, he is the one…I tried to move on few times, i.e meeting other people but I kept recereating the pattern, it has actually gotten worse, I have been dragging this sense of being a reject all these years.

I did the grief and loss clearing yesterday and it’s like it never happened.

I found out through muscle testing that we have a past life connection (I had known before) and that he had an agreement to be with me in this life time whereas i didn’t have one with him.

I released him from his agreement and the whole thing shifted, I cannot believe it, for the first time in years, I have no regrets or sense of loss about what could have been.

I think of him with fondness and strangely joy, but there is no charge, it’s a kind of take it or  leave it feeling, whereas before, it felt like a compulsion to be with him.

I have practiced so much stuff over the years, from affirmations, to visualisation, to meditation to hypnosis, I have dedicated an hour a day for the last two and a half years to make something pop, but it never did until now!

Dear Brent, thank you, thank you, thank you for the gift! I feel amazing! Keep up the good work!

With Love

Jess & Peg Zuniga, Frederick

Dear Brent,

   MY husband and I worked through our transformation over the past 4 years strong.  Strong meaning we were not going to make it.  We could not let go of stupid stuff and lost all communication as anger and resentment settled in our relationship.  You were the first straw we grabbed to help the underling blicks.  We could use your tecniques very quickly and easy.  We are 59 & 60 not attached to conventional medicine at all, so your healing program worked wonders.  It was something we could do together.  Weird at first but wonderful at last.  We have been together for 37 years and feel we can go the distance now that we have tools to work through the stuff we cannot see with the natural eye.  Thank you, we will always be grateful.

I was looking for an affiliate site so I could add your information to my new E-Book released this week!  We will list the web but if you have an affiliate site would you please send me the information.  Thanks so much, we will see you soon!  



Dear Brent,

I have been a VIP Club member for more than a year now. At the beginning I was thinking that once I will get through all the recordings and trainings that are in the archive I will no longer keep the membership. Now … the more I read and listen, the more I love it. All the new stuff that you are making available each month, the teachings and the clearing sessions are amazing! The Free [Awakening Dynamics] sessions you offer as a VIP Club benefit are so powerful … Other people’s problems resonate with me and I had lots of clearings done just by piggy-backing on their clearing. It worked almost every time. I am grateful for everything you do and for the fact that you walk your talk, being a student and a teacher, being on purpose as you serve, being genuine and compassionate. THANK YOU. Codrutsa Rotaru, Vancouver, Canada


Listen to what Naomi had to say about Brent’s programs.





Arlene S.

I had purchased the Unleash your Inner Millionaire and found it to be amazing! So when I heard Brent was developing the The Formula for Wealth as a follow up, needless to say I was ecstatic and couldn’t wait to get it…And it didn’t disappoint! The lectures alone are well worth the price of the complete program. Especially the ones on Embodiment, Life map, Teachability and?…and?…actually all of them! You’ll want to listen to them again and again. The financial block clearings are just icing on the cake.

Despite all the work I’ve done and removed of hundreds of blocks, there were still more removed using the The Formula for Wealth. It was so easy. All you have to do is follow the simple instructions, listen to the audio program and Brent does the rest. He puts you into a theta state, sends the energy to clear your financial blocks and…Voila!

I’ve gone to many events where there were door prizes given away and never won. Within 2 weeks, I went to 3 such events and won door prizes twice. Awakening Dynamics and Brent’s dedication to Formulas for Miracles is a gift. One you don’t want to pass up.

Arlene S.

Upland, CA

Melinda W.

This is the best program yet! I feel like my final blocks to wealth have been cleared. Money and abundance has started to flow in many unexpected ways. I won a cash prize for halloween costume, something I have wanted for a while has showed up on my doorstep and a  large bonus at work manifested out of the blue!

Keep it coming!!!!!

Sandy, Utah

Dr. Diane Robinson

My name is Dr. Diane Robinson. I have been working with Brent Michael Phillips for around 3 years now, and I can honestly say the new Formula for Wealth program is by far the most insightful, all-encompassing, revealing program ever. I have been working on my self for years, doing practically every program out there, and Brent still managed to hit the nail on the head with this program.

If you ever had a need to KNOW what your your blocks are, not just guess what they are, then this technique for you. Brent Phillip’s Awakening Dynamics technology is able to take your blocks and issues, and do what no other technique can do-he clears them, not rates them, not discuss how you feel about them, or what emotions they bring up, he just clears them, and he clears them on the spot. Other techniques like eft and nlp and even Access Consciousness take time and repetition (I know, I’ve done them). With these other valuable techniques you work with your block, until the feeling decreases or subsides. Not with Brent. With this incredible man, and in all his programs, you identify your block with 100% certainty, then he clears it-instantly, once it is cleared, if it is truly the core belief, then the block is gone, no repeats, no rating, it’s just gone. Time to move on and move up.

Before discovering Brent, I was in a state of total desperation, broke, being sued, in foreclosure, afraid to answer the phone, the door bell, or even go to the mail box. I was even entertaining suicidal scenarios too afraid to even talk about what I was going through. Now I am now free of the baggage of that former life. My house is in good standing, my legal issues are completed, and I am in the process of establishing a mulch-dimensional Forex philanthropy company, with people seeing me out for business ventures. To coin a phrase, I went from zero to hero, and I owe it all to Brent. This man saved my house, my marriage, and possibly my life. And I will ever be in his debt.

For those of you out there who are not where they want to be, those who KNOW in your hearts that there is more for you to be, or do, or have, this is the program for you. Even after working with my blocks for THREE years, Brent Phillip’s The Formula for Wealth program, still managed to bring up blocks I had never even realized that I had. If there is one thing I have learned, it takes an objective eye to truly bring up the core issues. You need someone not attached, not invested in your story or your history to get you out of your head and to get to the real ablocks. I honestly believe that you cannot do it all on your own. Even the Olympic gold medalists have a coach, and Brent Michael Phillips is the coach of all coaches for belief work.

For anyone on the fence, just think about what your fear and hesitation is costing you. What pain, fear, unfulfilled dreams, and lost revenue are you missing out on your inaction? You will be a different person after this program. Question is how badly do you want it?

Diane Robinson, B.S.C., B.S., D.C



My brother and I both were born with a lazy right eye. He had two surgeries, neither helped. I’ve had heaps of vision therapy, also to no avail. After a half-hour session with Brent, my eyes track together for the first time in decades. The right eye is still weaker in prescription, but I can wear glasses I haven’t been able to wear in years because my right eye is no longer off in Siberia. I am ever so grateful.

Heidi Alina

The Awakening Dynamics website, and the VIP Club in particular, has been an invaluable resource to me both as a healer and for my own personal growth. I highly recommend becoming a member of the VIP Club and also purchasing and listening to Brent’s extremely powerful, possibly life-changing, audio programs! These resources are well worth the price!