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About Us

Success mindset Created by Brent Michael Phillips

Brent Michael Phillips is a successful MIT-trained engineer who experienced a staggering physical challenge when, after years on total disability due to injuries and illness, his arm became immobile and frozen at the elbow after a surgery. After a long battle of unsuccessful treatments Brent discovered the miracle of energy healing when his arm was instantly and miraculously healed.

Knowing his life path was fortuitously altered, he then spent years studying with various master healers and spiritual teachers to discover and reverse-engineer the scientific laws and principles underlying miraculous instant healing, financial abundance, loving relationships, success mindset  and even enlightenment.

He is the creator of Awakening Dynamics® system, which consists of advanced consciousness technology based on the Seven Sacred Tools of Higher Dimensional Living. He leads a group of certified teachers and practitioners dedicated to sharing the amazing simplicity, speed, and power of Awakening Dynamics with the world through Awakening Dynamics training classes and private sessions.

Brent is also an award-winning author, an #1 best-selling co-author, and the inventor of the patent-pending Formula for Miracles® audio technology that actually clears subconscious blocks while you listen to it.
This technology is utilized in his transformational programs including 30 Days to Awakening, The Formula for Wealth, Unleash Your Inner Millionaire, and In Love for a Lifetime.