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Your Mind can Heal ANY Pain – Really!

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Your Mind can Heal ANY Pain – Really!


These articles and videos are intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. The author is not a licensed medical practitioner, and this material is neither intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or condition, nor to be used as a medical reference, nor as a substitute for medical care from a licensed practitioner.

Obviously one of the most important and most common reasons that we turn to holistic and energy healing techniques is to help alleviate or eliminate pain. During my 20+ year healing journey, I’ve tried just about every healing and meditation technique, device, machine, supplement, medicine, system, modality, and process under the Sun. While the vast majority of what I tried either delivered no results or (at best) some short-term relief, there’s a select few rare techniques I’ve come across that are so powerful and so important that – given how many people are suffering in the world today – it would be almost criminal for me to keep them to myself!

The primary purpose of this VIP Club special event is to give you the “best of the best” tools, processes, and techniques for dissolving pain in a concise, easy to read, easy to use format. In other words, I don’t want you to have go read a hundred books or work with a hundred healers, doctors, and therapists; I’ve already done that and more, and so I’ve encapsulated what I’ve learned into this series of article and videos for the VIP Club. For those who want to go deeper than what is presented here, my most important references for this series are:

  • the work of Dr Les Fehmi on attention (in particular his book Dissolving Pain and the workshop that goes with it),
  • the Theta Healing energy healing technique developed by Vianna Stibal;
  • the study and practice of Non-Duality (aka Advaita or Awakening), primarily with Gian Girardi and Jim Dreaver

In particular, in these articles we will explore how you can easily learn to harness and control the mechanism by which you pay attention to your body, your world, and your life. It is strongly recommended, but not required, that you review the VIP Club special events Mastering Attention and The Awakening before going through this material.

So exactly what is attention? In essence, attention is formed and directed awareness. And because pain only happens when there is awareness, we know that pain is not so much a physiological phenomena as it is psychological. In fact, doctors have known about this for hundreds years, and that’s why they put patients under anesthesia to performing operations that would be intolerably painful if the patient is awake. (Back before we had anesthesia, they used to get you drunk and gave you a rope or a soft piece of wood to chew on so that extreme pain would not cause you to break your teeth.)

Until now, the mainstream understanding and study of attention focused only on what we pay attention to, and not the process by which how we pay attention. As discussed in the VIP Club special event Mastering Attention, most of us get stuck at a very young age in “narrow objective” focus, which is an emergency “survival” mode where our minds grasp onto one object of attention at a time, usually because it is threatening to us. Nearly all of us get conditioned into habitually using narrow focus attention to push away or distract ourselves from pain; unfortunately, while this mechanism may provide some short term relief, it actually makes the problem worse over the long term.

Fortunately, the power of attention is so great that even rudimentary pain research that involves merely distracting patients with severe pain has yielded valuable results and made a difference in many lives. For example, research done on patients in burn wards with virtual reality equipment allows them to immerse their minds in a virtual reality “winter wonderland” has shown a significant effect on the patient’s ability to endure the horrendous pain of having the bandages on their burns changed. And this is just the tip of the iceberg (no pun intended!) – if we can get good results just by learning to refocus attention stuck in narrow objective mode, it suggest we can get truly incredible results by learning to harness and master the process of how and why we pay attention to pain.

During his life-long quest to discover the scientific basis of the mechanism of attention, Dr Fehmi discovered that different parts of the brain communicate with each other via synchronous electrical activity. He also found that the more parts of the brain were synchronized together, the more powerful it became. And in this special event, we’re going to focus on his key discoveries relating to one of the most common and most important applications of attention: pain.

Quite simply, the human brain has more than enough power to dissolve even the most severe pain. And while the most obvious application of this material is physical pain, it doesn’t stop there – these same techniques apply to any and all sorts of pain, including but not limited to all forms of emotional pain, the pain of grief, and excess tension. In fact, for some people these techniques may be even more important and more valuable for emotional and grief pain, because few pain doctors have the training, knowledge, or resources to treat severe emotional pain, grief pain, or chronic tension. (In my experience during years of seeking relief from chronic physical pain, emotional pain, and severe chronic tension, I found that most pain professionals typically run a series of tests on you, and when nothing obvious shows up on the test results, they then tell you your pain is psychosomatic and refer you to a psychiatrist. Not satisfying!)

Sadly, few of us ever receive the proper training or guidance on how to access the full range of styles of attention that we are capable of, or how to use attention to reduce and dissolve any kind of

pain. But that’s about to change, at least for you: so if you’re ready to give yourself, your friends, and your family an incredible gift that may allow you to quickly reduce or even completely dissolve even the most stubborn pain, keep reading!

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