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Why You Feel How You Feel

Negative feelings

Why You Feel How You Feel

All of us have experienced a gamut of emotions, including the so-called “negative” emotions (fear, anger, jealousy, depression, etc.) and the so-called “positive” emotions (joy, love, gratitude, etc.)

But it’s not always obvious how to change how you feel when you’re stuck in the negative stuff!

For better or worse, many of us who are drawn to healing and spirituality have experienced more than our fair share of the negative end of that spectrum. In particular, nearly every person in the modern Western world has either:

1) personally experienced depression at some point in their life, or

2) had their life affected by someone close to them who was depressed (parents, children, spouses, bosses, etc.)

Plus, let’s face it – the main reason why we do all this stuff is so that we can have a better, more positive, more joyful experience of life! The real goal of spiritual process is not so much to manipulate external circumstances to force the Universe to give us what “makes us happy”, but instead to transform ourselves from the inside out so that we can connect to gratitude, joy, love, and contentment no matter what is happening around us.

This is such an important point that it bears repeating and emphasizing. Most of us get into the various alternative medicine, holistic, spiritual, and/or Law of Attraction processes in order to get something we want (typically some combination of health, money, and love) so that we can be happier.

However, serious seekers know that real spirituality isn’t so much about getting what you want, because that’s just going to temporarily gratify the ego, and leads to a cycle of addiction and ultimately misery if it continues unchecked. At the same time, this egoic agenda driving our quest to heal our bodies and make money and such is not inherently a bad thing, for it too is part of the Divine Will. Remember that our suffering ultimately sets us free, and our frustrations at solving life’s problems via conventional means leads us to discover the higher dimensions and tools like Awakening Dynamics.

The deeper, more profound, true reason why we have spiritual tools is not so much to let us become better Victors who always get what they want (though that will happen a lot!), but instead to transforms into Vehicles, where our moment to moment experience is not dominated or controlled entirely by what is happening outside of us. The true masters – those who we call Enlightened or Ascended – are those who are happy, contented, fulfilled, and connected to divine joy no matter whether they are rich or poor, healthy or sick, alone or in love.

In the VIP Club Special Event 7 Steps to Happiness, I covered in detail the esoteric and energetic aspects of happiness, and provide simple steps you can follow to be happier every single moment of every day of your life, no matter what! This event focuses on a different angle that complements the 7 Steps to Happiness material, namely delving into the direct energetic and physical causes of why we feel depression, joy, and other moods.

For those who would like to further explore the scientific and material aspects of brain chemistry that we’ll cover here, there are several books I would recommend for further study:

  • The Molecules of Emotion by Candace Pert
  • The Mood Cure by Julia Ross
  • The Edge Effect Eric Braverman
  • Peak States of Consciousness by Grant McFetridge (warning: his work is profound, but much of it demands a strong background in bio-chemistry and anatomy to fully understand.)
  • The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton

This special event is based in part on my study of these works and others, and in particular we’ll be using some of the exercises from The Mood Cure Web site later in this event.

Today we’re going to start with the “big picture” of how we feel what we do.

The first thing to recognize is that there are both energetic and physical components to mood – including depression and joy – and that they work together, simultaneously and multi-dimensionally.

The physical component of moods has been studied by scientists and doctors, and we now have a pretty good understanding of the physical chemistry involved. In particular, mood is regulated by brain hormones, special chemical messengers that literally make you feel good or bad, happy or sad, angry or afraid, and everything else in the gamut of human emotions! In Days 3-7 of this special event, we’ll be covering the five most important messengers, and exploring how we can use both nutrition and energy healing to balance brain chemistry and improve mood.

Quite simply, those that are happy and live in joy no matter what is happening around them have properly balanced and healthy brain chemistry; those of us who get depressed, or have a bad temper or experience other negative moods frequently, have a chemical imbalance in our brain that literally makes us miserable.

Of course, if you’ve studied energy healing, you know that the physical chemistry is the mechanism by which the moods are created in our body, but they are not the source of it. Instead, the source of mood is subconscious belief systems, or energy. And so the way it works is that the endocrine system – which controls the hormones in the body – is the “glue” between the energetic and the physical. In other words, when you change your energy (aka subconscious belief systems), it reflects immediately in your body’s physical chemistry.

For example, if you muscle test false to “I know what joy feels like”, what that means is that your body (in particular your brain chemistry) does not know how to create the proper chemical balance to experience true joy. It may come close – you can “fake it” to some degree – but you’ll be missing out on the real, genuine experience of joy that is our birthright – and probably have no idea what you are missing!

However, I want to emphasize that healing mood can sometimes require more than just clearing blocks and adding the proper subconscious downloads. Of course, sometimes it IS that simple…but sometimes it isn’t!

As with any life challenge, sometimes you get a “magic wand” where things just improve, often instantly and miraculously; other times, after you clear your blocks and have a clear subconscious, you will manifest the other resources you need to heal and achieve your goal. If your goal is to improve mood, it may involve some simple nutritional supplements – specifically, amino acids – that we’ll talk about later in this special event.

If you happen to be experiencing depression now, you might want to take a moment right now to say goodbye to it; I’m confident that if you go through the articles and videos and do the exercises and follow up with private sessions with a skilled healer and/or nutrition coach, your depression may soon be nothing but a memory!

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