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Why Flourishing?

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Why Flourishing?

The goal of this special event is to expose you to the state-of-the-art research, processes, and insights that will allow you to truly flourish in all aspects of your life.

This series was created in part due to the popularity of the VIP Club special event 7 Steps to Happiness. I think more so than any of the other dozens of events I’ve done – except perhaps The Awakening – I’ve had more VIP Club members tell me that wanted more material on happi-ness because of how much they enjoyed and benefitted from 7 Steps to Happiness.

However, during the process of researching more cutting edge material on happiness, I realized that happiness was actually just one piece of the puzzle, and I saw that I wanted to offer something more than just tools to achieve a positive mood. In particular, when I started going through Dr. Martin Seligman’s material – especially his books Authentic Happiness and Flourish – it became clear that what most of us really need is a guide to true flourishing, which includes but is greater than just achieving a positive mood.

Happiness is extremely important and certainly worth researching and taking action to achieve, but happiness alone encompasses only positive mood. Indeed, most of us would not be satisfied or content with positive mood in the absence of other important aspects of a fulfilling life, such as doing meaningful work and having positive relationships. Quite simply, while hap-piness is certainly a worthy and valuable subject, we are driven to achieve more than just a good mood! In addition to happiness, most of us also strive for accomplishment, achievement, and be-ing able to take action to make a difference in the world and feel satisfaction that we’ve done the best we could with what were given.

Another reason I did not do another series focused exclusively on happiness was that I did not think I could put together enough material that would be as powerful and transformative as the original series. However, by shifting focus to the “big picture” of the various aspects that contribute to flourishing and enjoying a meaningful, satisfied life – happiness being one of sev-eral components – I found plenty of fertile group and life changing content to fill not just one but two special events!

It’s not necessary to go through 7 Steps to Happiness to use this series, but if you are VIP Club member, you are encouraged to review it, as I think you’ll find it a powerful foundation and complement to what we’ll be presenting here. The VIP Club event 7 Steps to Happiness is an ex-cellent resource to identify exactly how happiness works behind the scenes, and it can give you everything you need to know to make a permanent, meaningful increase your happiness.

Borrowing a term from Dr. Seligman, I called this event “Flourishing” because flourish-ing encompasses more than just a positive mood. Indeed, flourishing is also about discovery, cre-ativity, doing meaningful work, achieving satisfaction, and making a difference in the world through service.

Lastly, while this event is not specifically about Non-Duality or study of Awakening, I think you’ll find the 30 Days to Awakening Program an invaluable asset to assist you in all as-pects of flourishing. (In fact, it’s pretty amazing to me that so many people have achieved such incredible success and lead flourishing lives while still deep in the grip of the ego!) But this se-ries is designed to stand on its own, so if you have not been through that program and are not al-ready fully Awakened, let’s provide a few definitions here so that you won’t be confused by later references to Non-Duality terminology:

“False I”: essentially, the “false I” is that which you think you are, but are actually not, including your body, your mind, your name, your history, your gender, your nationality, your profession, your family, and even your soul.

“Great Lie”: the Great Lie is the mythology that you are a being with free will that can make meaningful actions and choices. In other words, the Great Lie is that YOU are the “false I”.

“Awakening”: Awakening is coming to crystal clear understanding of exactly what YOU are, and distinguishing that from the “false I” of what you have been conditioned to think you are. It allows you to break the “500 barrier” on the Hawkins Scale of Consciousness (as presented in his book Power vs Force), and is the foundation for all advanced spiritual work.

“Enlightenment”: Enlightenment is the 100% embodiment of the insights of Awakening, leading to complete freedom and a total lack of suffering.

One of the most common questions I get is “How do I know if I’m actually Awakened?” I can give you a certain answer during a private session, but as a simple metric I can put into an article, you are likely fully Awakened if you understand with total 100% clarity exactly what is meant by the following statements:

“There is nobody here”

“The Universe happens automatically”

“YOU are not a being of any sort; all beings are purely mental abstractions, fictional characters like Darth Vader.”

“The world is an illusion. Only Brahman [awareness] is real. The world is Brahman.”

That’s enough foundation in Non-Duality to understand the terms referenced in this event; don’t worry, Awakening is not necessary (but is probably very helpful!) to benefit from the rest of the material on flourishing.

Now, onward to flourishing! 🙂

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