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Saturday August 8, 2020, via live Zoom video-conference starting at 4:20PM Pacific Time.

The plan is for the live event to be about 90 minutes, but we’ll see how it goes…this is an experimental event and it’s hard to say exactly how long we’ll run.

If you need help, please email support@awakeningdynamics.com. I’ll be able to answer support tickets until about 90 minutes ahead of the start of the live event.


Pretty easy…just show up and be present to experience HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS!

Using a combination of hand-picked genius level world-class musical performances and Quantum Field energy entrainment (aka “beaming” or “consciousness shifting”), we’ll help to lift you to a higher level of consciousness!

I (Brent) will be starting with a “beaming” exercise, which is arguably the highest level meditation process ever developed. Once we’re all getting connected to “the zone”, we’ll transition to playing specially selected musical performances while I continue to “beam” the group with the Quantum Field energy to elevate your consciousness.

Between performances, we’ll have a chance to share experiences and ask questions. Depending on how it goes, we may need to limit discussions to stay on schedule and avoid getting too far off on a tangent.

IMPORTANT: there is a hard limit set on the number of attendees, as there is only so many people I can bring deep into the quantum field at one time, and all attendees is welcome to interact, discuss, ask questions, etc.


I will post the links we’re using in that chat room so you can listen to them later at any point, and the full tentative track list (with YouTube links) will be in the PDF file get you after registration.

It’s likely that some of the music will be brand new to you, whereas other selections are well-known.

Whether you listen to some or all of the songs ahead of time is totally up to you:

If you prefer to be a bit familiar with the music, you are welcome to check out the songs/videos before the event.

If you prefer to have your first experience with the songs be in the Quantum Field, don’t listen ahead of time! 🙂


Pretty simple…looking back at my own spiritual journey, literally ALL of my highest level transcendent spiritual experiences have been triggered by music!

Separately, I’ve found that music and the Quantum Field “beaming” are perhaps our two most powerful tools for elevating consciousness…so I put them together to blow your mind and create an experience like nothing else out there. 🙂


We’ll be using Zoom! If you have not used Zoom before, please download it and go through a few tutorials first to learn the basics…it’s very easy. 🙂

  • You are strongly encouraged to use a headset when sharing to ensure that we have clear audio quality. If you use the built-in speakerphone on your computer/tablet/device, others may struggle to hear you, especially in a group call like this.
  • A camera is not required, but everyone is encouraged to turn their cameras on so that we can video chat during the discussion/feedback sessions.
  • There will NOT be a recording available for this event, so be sure to attend live! (Experience has shown that the Quantum Field “beaming” is not as powerful on the recording, and even if it wasn’t, we can’t be posting recordings including copyrighted music.)
  • We’ll also have a few assistants/co-hosts from my Awakening Intensive program; you’ll recognize them because they’ll have ASSIST in the Zoom name. Feel free to reach out to them via Zoom private chat if you need help.


Note: Be sure to check your email, and look in your “SPAM” folder if you don’t see it! In addition to being sent to your email address, the event details will be in a PDF file you can download immediately after registration.

If you have any trouble with your registration or getting the event info PDF, please email support@awakeningdynamics.com.