Quantum Field Mastery (aka Awakening “Level 4”) FULL PARTICIPANT

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Quantum Field Mastery (aka “Awakening Level 4”) Intensive – the most advanced spiritual work available anywhere, at any price!

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Join us for the Quantum Field Mastery Weekend Intensive! (Formerly called “Awakening Level 4”).

Rocket yourself to Higher Consciousness…based on the teachings of the late master Dr Karl Wolfe, this is some of the most advanced spiritual work available anywhere on this planet!

IMPORTANT: You must have have completed the Secrets for Higher Dimensional Living weekend intensive (aka “Awakening Level 1”) to qualify for “Level 4” as a full participant. If you have not done so, please contact so we can get you registered as a VIEWER instead!

Quantum Field Mastery Weekend Intensive:

  • Join us for the 2.5 Day Weekend Training and you’ll get:
    • Break out of your personal mythologies and “add a zero” to your income!
    • In-depth presentation and coverage of Movement Feedback Holography
    • Dive deeper into the quantum field with multiple “Consciousness Shifting” sessions each day
    • Learn how to re-activate the three lost modes of attention with “Open Focus”
    • Discover the one weird trick to synchronize your brain waves to dissolve any kind of pain
    • Learn how to perform “Time Bending” to consciously control the flow of time in your time…make time go faster or slower!
    • Discover and practice several new kinds of movements that can be done alone, with a partner, or in a group
    • Deep coverage of Movement Feedback Holography, including different ways to utilize solo movement (on your own), as well as how to use video recordings and mirrors to get at different layers of feedback
    • ALL full participants get to do a movement session in front of the camera, get feedback, and experience an huge, instant change in your energy!
  • Join us as either a Viewer Only or a Full Participant
    • Full Participants get to participate in video Q&A and real-time movement sessions, get feedback, do all exercises, and transform in real time, in addition getting full access, materials, and recordings.
    • Viewer Only gets to watch the entire event, and receive all course materials and access to all recordings.



With your purchase you accept the refund and transfer policy below:

  • There are no refunds on this special one-time-only offer.
  • If for any reason you can not join us during the upcoming dates, you may request a free transfer to the next event. Transfer requests must be sent to 3 days before the beginning of the live weekend. This event is typically offered live twice per year.

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