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BRONZE $37/month (1 masterclass lesson per week, all live Club calls & private session, The Formula for Miracles power pack)

SILVER $97/month (everything in BRONZE plus multiple masterclass lessons per week, weekly live practice groups, and archive of calls)

GOLD $997/year (priority instant access to EVERYTHING: all live events plus 10+ year archive of recorded calls, masterclasses, and sessions)


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FEATURE                                                                                   BRONZE    SILVER   GOLD

Weekly Masterclass Lesson                                                          YES            YES         YES

LIVE Wealth Club Block Clearing/Q&A Calls                           YES           YES         YES

LIVE Health Club Block Clearing/Q&A Calls                            YES           YES         YES

LIVE Love Club Block Clearing/Q&A Calls                                YES           YES         YES

Listen in on monthly LIVE Private Session Giveaways            YES           YES         YES

All three PDF books in The Formula for Miracles series         YES          YES         YES

Secrets of Muscle Testing video training                                      YES          YES         YES

Deep Theta Guided Binaural Meditation (15&45 min)              YES         YES         YES

Multiple Weekly Masterclass Lessons                                           NO         YES         YES

LIVE weekly Energy Healing Practice & Support Groups         NO         YES         YES

Instant Access to full archive of private sessions                         NO         YES         YES

Eligible to WIN monthly Private Session Giveaway                    NO         YES         YES

Higher Priority on Block Clearing/Q&A Calls                              NO         YES         YES

Access to Consciousness Shifting video training                         NO         YES         YES

Instant Access to full archive of Block Clearing/Q&A                NO          NO         YES

Instant Access to ALL Masterclasses and Lessons                      NO          NO         YES

Highest Priority to WIN monthly Private Session                      NO          NO         YES

Highest Priority in Block Clearing/Q&A Calls                             NO          NO         YES

Direct Personal Access to Brent Michael Phillips                       NO           NO         YES



There is no money back guarantee on Gold membership because you get instant access to the entire archive of thousands of VIP Club Masterclasses, articles, videos, calls, and audios from the last 10+ years.


Which level of the VIP Club Membership is right for me?

The GOLD Level member is the highest level of premium access, for those with a serious commitment to spiritual development and transformation. With GOLD, you’ll save hundreds of dollars over the same duration SILVER membership, plus you get the highest level of priority on all VIP Club events, and instant access to the EVERYTHING: all live events and recordings, plus the entire archive of thousands of VIP Club articles, videos, audios, calls, and sessions back several years to the beginning of the VIP Club in 2009.

The SILVER Level membership is designed for those who want priority access to the live events – in particular the weekly practice groups (which are not available at BRONZE level), as well as three times as many VIP Club Special Event Masterclass lessons, but aren’t ready to make the year-long commitment to GOLD Level.

The BRONZE Level membership is designed for those are still struggling with money and can not yet afford a higher level membership…but we’re confident that if you use the VIP Club tools, all of our BRONZE members will see positive transformations and want to upgrade soon!

I’ve has literally spent decades and many hundreds of thousands of dollars to learn and create all this material so I can present it to you on a silver platter. I knows the world desperately needs the inexpensive, frequent live access to a Master Healer and genuine genius, and I want to make all this amazing content and live access available to you at a tiny fraction of the time and money I spent to learn it.

You won’t find any program or system that offers anywhere near the same amount of high-quality content and frequent live, personal access as the Awakening Dynamics VIP Club!

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