​Identify and release the subconscious beliefs, stories, and myths that are holding you back in life. Awaken to the highest truth of the real YOU!


​You know, the one about the guy who takes a mysterious “magic pill” and it supercharges his brain? He massively increases his intelligence, innovation, and creativity. His superhuman abilities enable him to quickly make millions of dollars, and he becomes incredibly successful.

Most people think that the film was pure fiction, but it’s actually based on the real-life work of a late spiritual teacher. “Limitless” was written by one of his students after experiencing his work.

Sure, the characters and details were made up, but the potential to supercharge your personal capacity for innovation, productivity, and success is based on real life.


It’s not as simple as taking a magic pill, as in the movie.

​THE good NEWS?

​We’re here today to share with you the real secret knowledge and techniques that inspired the movie “Limitless.”


  • ​Share our Advanced Consciousness Technology
  • ​Understand the scientific reality of higher dimensions and aspects of consciousness via engineering
    and science, NOT woo-woo
  • ​Discover the true purpose and meaning of life
  • ​Change the world one person at a time


​I never expected to do anything like this—to be a professional healer, to teach intuition and spirituality, and to be chosen, in particular, to carry on the legacy the man whom I think was arguably the most powerful energy worker in the past 100 years. It is truly a great honor.
But again, I never thought I would do anything like this because I grew up as a total nerd—I love Star Wars, Star Trek, and Lord of the Rings. I played Dungeons & Dragons.
When it came time to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, it was a pretty easy decision. The one thing I was really good at that anyone can be paid for was programming computers. So I ended up at college at MIT, and it was there where I discovered the internet.
I was blown away because back in the ‘80s, no one has ever heard of the internet. I decided to make that the focus of my studies.
I continued on to MIT graduate school where I became part of the
telemedia and systems group and was doing really exciting work creating the foundation foundations of the modern internet. As an example, one of the projects I was involved in was in 1994. Our group sent the first ever live video over the web. We were doing some really ground-breaking stuff.

​Here are some of the other things you should know about me:

  • ​I became a National Merit Scholar and graduated No. 1 out of nearly 1,000 students at one of the most competitive high schools in the country.
  • ​I got a perfect 5.0/5.0 GPA in the most difficult major and graduated at the top of my class at MIT with many honors and awards for exceptional academic achievement.
  • ​I created breakthrough computer technologies in the 1990s that—at the time—everyone else wrote off as “impossible.” Today, they underpin a multi billion-dollar industry!

Eventually, I left MIT graduate school to create a website startup company with a couple of my friends. I moved to California and learned to make websites. The very first website I created in my life was the website for the launch of the Sony PlayStation in the summer of 1995.
We were very fortunate to do some high-profile work for a lot of Fortune 500 companies. We did websites for Nissan Motor, Disneyland, Sony. After just one year, I had 15 people working for me. We even started a second startup to create a revolutionary online game based on my
graduate school research.
So naturally, I’d be incredibly successful, right?

​Well, that wasn’t the case. I went from being one of the world’s top few leading internet experts right at the start of the internet boom, on the cusp of making millions of dollars, retiring by 30 to spend my days lounging on my own personal tropical island to having my life completely destroyed.
I didn't just crash, I burned. So this is a tale of tragedy, betrayal, and woe.
It all started with my health. You see, I wanted to be successful more than anything. I was willing to work as hard as I needed to in order to achieve that success.

Being the Chief Programmer and only Technical Officer of the two internet startups at the beginning of the
internet boom, I was working literally 80 to 100 hours a week. No vacations, no breaks, no holidays, no
weekends. It was all work, work, work.
At the time, it seemed like a reasonable tradeoff. I figured I will sacrifice a few years of my youth, and in return, I will sell one of these companies for millions and millions of dollars.

Instead a couple of years after this hundred-hour work weeks, my body started to break down. I started to
experience severe pain.
At first, I didn’t panic because I figured I would just go to doctors and they will know how to take care of me. So I did that, and they put me in physical therapy and gave me painkillers. However, I didn’t get any better; I just keep getting worse. I had to move in with my parents because some days, I hurt so much that I needed help just
cutting my food.

After 3 years of treatment, I finally got an appointment to see the head doctor at Kerlan-Jobe, which is the top physical therapy clinic in Los Angeles where the Olympians and professional athletes go.

I remember thinking, “Wow, this guy will know what to do with me.” But he just looked at me, took a peek at my files, and said there was nothing that he or any doctor can do for me. I was told I would always be in pain and that I would never be able to work again.

I was dumbfounded. I was speechless. I was just 27 years old.

So at 27, I was put on permanent disability with no chance that I would ever be out of pain, no hope of recovery, and no chance I could ever work again.

When I told my partners about this, I expected that they would support me, especially because one of them was my lifelong best friend. But not only did they turn their backs on me, I also lost my position at the companies I had founded. They sold my startup for millions of dollars behind my back.

To top it all off, I found out my best friend and business partner had also been dating the woman I was crazy in love with.

​It was truly a dark night of the soul. Everything had gone wrong in my life. I started drinking, getting depressed, and having suicidal thoughts.

Fortunately, I had a friend who got me into alternative medicine. I spent five years doing all kinds of alternative therapy. You name it, I tried it—acupuncture, herbs, reiki, diets, cleanses, magnets, chi machines, among many others. Nothing worked.

Finally, in desperation, I agreed to have experimental surgery. Again, it didn’t help me. In fact, when I woke up, my right arm was paralyzed. It was a new low.

Then one of my aunts told me that a friend of hers was doing some kind of healing. I didn’t think too much of it because I tried many forms of healing out there. I figured, “Why not?”

​However, what happened was, she introduced me on how to clear the subconscious. Next thing I knew, I heard a loud crack and pop inside my elbow, and I could move my arm again.

I decided at that moment that I was going to learn this and figure it out. I was going to be a healer and a spiritual teacher. I made it my personal mission to bring all my talent in engineering and science and apply it to that world. I spent many years studying with my late mentor to master the real-life technology that inspired the movie “Limitless.”

​This discovery and use of this technology allowed me to
achieve many things, including:

  • ​Being considered as the No. 1 most powerful American healer and spiritual teacher
  • ​Having 20,000+ students
  • ​Holding 18,000+ private sessions
  • ​Facilitating 1,500+ miraculous instant healings
  • ​Appearing as an expert guest on more than 200 summits
  • ​Appearing as an expert guest on hundreds of online summits and podcasts
  • ​Being the No. 1 most popular and best-selling guest on almost all of the biggest TV shows
  • ​Becoming a two-time amazon.com No. 1 best-selling author
  • ​Being the Founder & Creator of Quantum Field Access

​I’ve spent over 15 years, more than 20,000 hours, and over $1 million dollars to discover and reverse-engineer the most advanced secrets of consciousness...

...And now, I only want to share them with a small group of people who are truly ready for the responsibility that comes with great power.

I am sharing this to you now to help you unleash innovation and prosperity so you can thrive in all areas of your life.

We don’t want to waste your time if this isn’t something that’s right for you.


  • ​Opportunities to come to you, almost effortlessly.
  • ​To live in a "flow" state: Have a strong sense of purpose,
    have meaningful work, and thrive in all areas of
    life—good physical health, positive mood, amazing friends,
    financial success, respect, and recognition.
  • ​To learn the secret to being in the right place at the right
    time with the right thing.
  • ​The freedom to live life on your terms, thriving as you
    share your passion and gifts with the world.
  • ​To create "win-win-win" situations: You do what you love,
    make a difference in the world, and be well
    rewarded for it.
  • ​To discover the exact same secrets that have turned
    habitual "middle of the pack" finishers into Olympic
    gold medal athletes.
  • ​To know the exact same teachings that have turned
    talented but unknown actors, writers, and
    producers into Academy Award and Emmy winners.
  • ​To learn the exact same processes that have turned many
    mid-level executives and struggling visionaries
    into successful CEOs and entrepreneurs.


​OK, if this is so great, why haven't you heard of this before?

And why are you finding out about this only now and on this specific web page?

This is genuinely the secret knowledge that has been preserved for thousands of years at the highest levels of the ancient mystery schools.

It has been intentionally hidden from the public. Nearly all the available books, programs, websites on the
"ancient mystery schools" are bogus, and the people who made them are just looking to make a quick buck.

While he lived, my late mentor and teacher was bound by the rules and restrictions of those ancient mystery school. But after his passing, I can now bring these secrets to the world.

Most importantly, this work can only be transmitted and practiced effectively in small, intimate groups run by masters with decades of specialized training.

Hence, the self-improvement industry would have little interest in this work because the internet marketers can’t make a quick buck by mass-producing it and slapping together some slick marketing funnel.

All they care about is money. And usually, they cram hundreds of people into ridiculously expensive seminars or sell a $100 PDF that promises to help you achieve a perfect body or get rich overnight without having to work for it.

None of the so-called self-improvement gurus whom you’ve all heard of would have any interest in spending years and years of training to learn skills that can’t be turned into a book or a download, and where you are limited to having very small groups at a time.


​The Quantum Field is the origin and source of all energy, all matter, and all life.

What we call “miracles” can be explained scientifically and mathematically as an effect of the Quantum Field.

The most advanced spiritual science is not about praying to a bearded old man
sitting on a cloud or invoking mythological dime-gods. Those things can be
wonderful and colorful cultural traditions that bring people together and create community, so we are not opposed to them. But the fact is that traditional prayer and manifesting processes just don’t work very well.

​Instead, we’re going to take a scientific approach and ask:

  • ​What exactly is the power and intelligence that creates and supports life?
  • ​Where does it come from?
  • ​How does it work?
  • ​How can I connect to it so my own life will flourish?

The answer is simple: Everything in the Universe, including your own life, comes from the Quantum Field.

​Here are some facts about the Quantum Field:

  • ​There is more quantum (aka “zero points”) energy in 1 cubic mm of empty space than our Sun will emit in its entire lifetime.
  • ​Literally everything in the Universe comes from and ultimately returns to the Quantum Field.

Let’s think about that for a second. The Quantum Field birthed the entire Universe out of nothing.

This field constantly surrounds us and permeates our being. And there is more than enough Quantum Field energy in every tiny bit of space around you to make you incredibly wealthy and successful, heal your body, find true love, or even achieve Enlightenment.

The only question is: Do you want to discover the technology to directly access this Quantum Field?


"Quantum Field Access" is learning how to directly access this Quantum Field, so you can literally feel your body and mind being filled with pure consciousness.

Quite simply, the Quantum Field is the essence of the divine!

You see, humans have been aware of the Quantum Field for
thousands of years, but they did not have the math, science, or
language to describe it for exactly what it is. Instead, they used concepts familiar to them. Today, we call it “God,” angels, karma, “the gods,” or “the Divine.”

There have been historical figures who powerfully accessed the Quantum Field—including Jesus, Buddha, Moses, and others—and today we call them prophets, healers, oracles, and gurus.

Practical spirituality is based on ancient esoteric concepts, but applied and executed with the rigor and discipline of modern science and engineering.

​Some humans discovered the Quantum Field thousands of years ago, but due to their lack of advanced science, it was categorized as esoteric mysticism and locked away in the ancient mystery schools.

The good news is that our modern civilization has advanced sufficiently in math, physics, chemistry, and
engineering to begin to scientifically understand the Quantum Field and develop technology to apply it to our day-to-day lives.

It’s sort of like electricity. Of course, humans have known about electricity for thousands of years from seeing lightning and feeling static electricity. But it wasn’t until recently that science caught up and fully explained electricity and allowed us to harness it with technology that now powers our modern lives.

The Quantum Field is similar, and I am finally bringing the wisdom of the ancient mystery schools into the modern scientific age.

How connected are YOU to the Quantum Field?

​Fortunately, there is an easy way to measure this connection. It is determined by how much pure consciousness can permeate your mind and body.

With an abundance of pure consciousness in your being, wonderful things and experiences will effortlessly come into your life. On the other hand, a lack of consciousness will manifest as struggle, loss, pain, and

To give you a better idea of the Quantum Field and why it’s so critical to develop our connection to it, synonyms for being connected to it include:

  • ​Presence
  • ​Grace
  • ​Dropping in
  • ​Synchronicity
  • ​Good luck
  • ​Joy

Quite simply, when pure consciousness is able to permeate your body and mind, more wonderful things tend to happen in your life.

The most common change most people see first is making more money, but it’s not limited to just money and career success. The Quantum Field can also improve your physical and emotional health, bring you wonderful friends and a fulfilling social life, and provide a strong sense of purpose and support no matter what the

Now, let’s venture into the opposite direction. Synonyms for being disconnected to the Quantum Field include:

  • ​Being stuck in your head
  • ​Struggle
  • ​Suffering
  • ​Exerting action and energy without a positive result
  • ​A lifetime of efforts at control and manipulation that are doomed to frustration and failure

​Quantum Field Access involves applying cutting-edge consciousness technologies while being strongly
connected to the Quantum Field, allowing you to quickly change your physical, emotional, spiritual, and even
financial states.


​What are the results? Well, gold medals, Emmys, Oscars, or adding a zero to your income.

  • ​This is the exact same technology that has turned middle-of-the-pack athletes into Olympic
    Gold Medal winners.
  • ​This is the exact same technology that has turned struggling writers, actors, and directors into wealthy
    and respected Oscar and Emmy winners.
  • ​This is the exact same technology that has turned mid-level executives and overworked small business
    owners into successful CEOs and entrepreneurs.


The weekend intensive will be 2.5 days of live online training.

Small, intimate groups only! I strictly limit the number of
registrations; typical group size is 10-12.

By registering and attending the live online training, you will:

  • ​Experience digging, movement, and the Quantum Field.
  • ​Identify and release the subconscious beliefs, stories, and myths that are holding you back in life.
  • ​Awaken to the highest truth of the real YOU.
  • ​Discover and learn simple at-home exercises to fill your body and mind with more pure consciousness.
  • ​Leave with a totally different energy than you came in with!
  • ​Get a full recording of the event, as well as a detailed course manual.
  • ​Eligible for free transfers (with 7 days’ notice) and unlimited 1/2 price retakes.

​This is primarily experiential. We will spend most of our time doing Quantum Field Entrainment and beaming you with energy doing movement sessions.

This is a fast-track, “done-with-you” experience designed specifically for busy people who don’t have the time or inclination to spend thousands of hours learning and applying a complex metaphysical process.

You will get significant personal attention from me to help you access the Quantum Field.



“VIP Club”: Ongoing Support, Community & Deep Discovery

You will get 90 days of “on the house” access to the Exclusive SILVER VIP Club, including:

  • ​Regular (usually weekly) live practice groups
  • ​Monthly live demonstration and private session giveaway
  • ​Attend live block clearing and Q&A sessions with me
  • ​Archive of actual private sessions with me
  • ​Access to my deep learning master classes

You may have been to a lot of different self-improvement, mind power, and Law of Attraction seminars and

If that is the case, you may have noticed the lack of follow-up after these seminars. After all, there’s only so much we can take in over a weekend. You will eventually have a lot of questions later, as well as a need for
ongoing support and follow-up training.

This program is the ONLY one where a huge amount of ongoing support and training is offered.
Along with this, you can also participate in practice groups, private session demonstrations, and giveaways, Q&A sessions, block clearing calls, and an enormous archive of master classes on dozens of important topics,
consisting of hundreds of articles, videos, and audio files.

What’s even better is that you get 90 days of VIP membership included with your registration to the Quantum Field Access weekend.

It’s really a no-brainer. The VIP Club assets alone are worth tens of thousands of dollars. There’s more
life-changing content in just one of the master classes than you’ll get in other $10,000 programs.

​What’s the investment in your program?

​Brent spent over 15 years and more than $1,000,000 researching and reverse-engineering the secrets of the masters. Heck, he spent well over $100,000 just with his mentor!

​What should this cost you?

​There are plenty of $10,000+ workshops and coaching programs that don’t deliver anywhere near the quality OR amount of genuine content and hands-on experience you are going to get.


(Includes 2.5 days Weekend Intensive, full event recordings, extensive manual, lifetime 50% off on retakes,
and a limited-time special bonus)

​For a limited time only, register for just $997!
or 3 payments of $399


Quantum Field Access  -  $4,997

(2.5 days live/online weekend intensive)

​Extensive manual, full recordings  -   $1,997

​SILVER VIP for 90 days  -   $997

Save $7,494 - get a discount of over 80%!

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You are covered by the “No Questions Asked” 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

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You probably recognize incredible value when you see it. Secure your spot and limited-time bonus by investing right now.

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