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 Enlightened Relationships

Imagine sitting on your death bed, surrounded by loved ones, contemplating your life and all that you’ve done…do you think you’ll be fondly recalling late nights at the office, or how much money you made, or perhaps didn’t make? Of course not! Instead, you’ll likely be thinking about the relationships you’ve had and – in particular – the special experiences you’ve shared with others.

I think one perfectly valid and legitimate way of viewing life is to see it as nothing more than a series of dynamic relationships unfolding and interacting. In short, having relationships is why we are here, as only through relationships can life experience itself, as itself, through itself; after all, if the Creator didn’t want to have relationships, we wouldn’t have polarity or the physical Universe.

During this special event, we’ll be going through a relationship clearing process designed primarily to help bring your life back into balance, no matter how crazy things may seem. In particular, if you can see how your various relationships bring your life into perfect balance, you’ll be able to see the amazing gifts hidden in all of your relationships…this, in turn, allows you to stop resisting the problems and bad stuff so much, which opens the door for a practical solution to manifest. You might see this as yet another structure built upon the foundation of “What you resist, will persist!” ☺

WARNING: the relationship clearing process we’ll be using in this series is not the same as the relationship clearing process presented in In Love for a Lifetime, or that I use in privates or teach in the Awakening Dynamics, Level Three: Mastering the Subconscious mind. Instead, the process presented here is a complement to that subconscious clearing protocol.

To clarify language, we’ll use the term “subconscious relationship clearing protocol” when referring to the clearing process presented in In Love for a Lifetime and that I use in private sessions, and we’ll use the term “quantum clearing protocol” for the process presented in this series.

My goal is to use this series to teach and guide you step-by-step through a powerful process that you can use to set free the ones you love the most, and in the process heal yourself. Ideally, it should take less than 10 minutes per day to watch the videos and/or read the articles, and perhaps another 5-10 minutes to do the exercises and recommended homework. However, this material is “open ended” in the sense that you can use this process repeatedly to completely change your life, if you desire it!

This material is based in part on the book The Breakthrough Experience by John DeMartini; if you have the interest, time, and energy, you are welcomed and encouraged to read the book and see his version of the process. He calls his technique The Quantum Collapse, and in a nutshell, we’re going to identify one of the most important relationships in your life, and go through this clearing process so that you can clearly see the perfect balance this person brought into your life.


Your assignment today is pretty easy: identify an important person in your life that you want to do this quantum clearing on. The most obvious targets will be your parents, but any other significant person – perhaps a spouse or business partner – will also yield powerful results.

During this special event I’m going to guide you step-by-step through the process of clearing this one person, but you are encouraged and welcomed to repeat the process as many times as you desire on different people and other entities in your life!

So which relationship do you want to focus on first? (We’ll call this the “target relationship.”) I’d recommend you pick one of your parents, or (if you weren’t raised by your biological parents) whoever was the adult primarily responsible for taking care of you when you were young. Don’t worry about making the wrong choice; you can always change your mind and start again, or finish this process with one person and then use it again and again on other relationships, as little or as much as you like.

This process is primarily designed for relationships with other humans, and for simplicity of language we’ll assume the target relationship is with another human being. However, the content in this series can be applied to any relationship, and once you’ve gone through and cleared your important human relationships, you can then go back and use this series on your relationship with your body, or money, or God, or society, or the government, or the economy, or the weather, or any other abstract or aggregate entity.

Note that it is recommended, but not required, that you also go through that 2 subconscious relationship clearing process for your target relationship, either via the encoded Formula for Miracles® audio included with In Love for a Lifetime, or in a private session with me or another practitioner, or on your own (if you know how to do subconscious clearing.)

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