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My name is Dr. Diane Robinson. I have been working with Brent Michael Phillips for around 3 years now, and I can honestly say the new Formula for Wealth program is by far the most insightful, all-encompassing, revealing program ever. I have been working on my self for years, doing practically every program out there, and Brent still managed to hit the nail on the head with this program.

If you ever had a need to KNOW what your your blocks are, not just guess what they are, then this technique for you. Brent Phillip’s Awakening Dynamics technology is able to take your blocks and issues, and do what no other technique can do-he clears them, not rates them, not discuss how you feel about them, or what emotions they bring up, he just clears them, and he clears them on the spot. Other techniques like eft and nlp and even Access Consciousness take time and repetition (I know, I’ve done them). With these other valuable techniques you work with your block, until the feeling decreases or subsides. Not with Brent. With this incredible man, and in all his programs, you identify your block with 100% certainty, then he clears it-instantly, once it is cleared, if it is truly the core belief, then the block is gone, no repeats, no rating, it’s just gone. Time to move on and move up.

Before discovering Brent, I was in a state of total desperation, broke, being sued, in foreclosure, afraid to answer the phone, the door bell, or even go to the mail box. I was even entertaining suicidal scenarios too afraid to even talk about what I was going through. Now I am now free of the baggage of that former life. My house is in good standing, my legal issues are completed, and I am in the process of establishing a mulch-dimensional Forex philanthropy company, with people seeing me out for business ventures. To coin a phrase, I went from zero to hero, and I owe it all to Brent. This man saved my house, my marriage, and possibly my life. And I will ever be in his debt.

For those of you out there who are not where they want to be, those who KNOW in your hearts that there is more for you to be, or do, or have, this is the program for you. Even after working with my blocks for THREE years, Brent Phillip’s The Formula for Wealth program, still managed to bring up blocks I had never even realized that I had. If there is one thing I have learned, it takes an objective eye to truly bring up the core issues. You need someone not attached, not invested in your story or your history to get you out of your head and to get to the real ablocks. I honestly believe that you cannot do it all on your own. Even the Olympic gold medalists have a coach, and Brent Michael Phillips is the coach of all coaches for belief work.

For anyone on the fence, just think about what your fear and hesitation is costing you. What pain, fear, unfulfilled dreams, and lost revenue are you missing out on your inaction? You will be a different person after this program. Question is how badly do you want it?

Diane Robinson, B.S.C., B.S., D.C



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