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I bought Brent’t package after listening to you wealth with Darius and I have been clearing for  a day or so and I just cannot believe the shift that has happened in my life.

I have dragged a pattern of heartbreaks in relationhsips since the age of 12.

The word relationships is no correct, because none of these have ever developped beyond the stage of meeting someone, liking them them liking me back and then out of the blue this person who seemed so mitten with me all of sudden wouldn’t even meet for a coffee.

It happened about 5 times and everytime I went into pain and loss months and sometimes years at a time and I couldn’t understand what had happened.

The last time it happened, it was 6 years ago, I met a guy who was the manifestation of my dream guy.

I had made a vision board one month prior with Georges Clooney in his scrubs (from ER), I had no clue what my ideal guy looked like and I wasn’t convinced but thought, well if he is anything like good old Geroges, it can’t be bad.

During that month, I was meditating and praying, I was very centered, my performing career was taking off and at the same time I was thinking if I stayed single until the end of my days, I would be fine.

So I met him at one of my giggs, he was one of the performers on the bill, We got introduced by a mutual acquaintance, when I first set eyes on him I thought.. cute… but nothing more, then we started talking and he said something to another guy which I found hillarioulsy funny and I laughed, I couldn’t stop..

During that laughter something happened, I had like a flashback, literally a light went on in my head, it was like someone just turned the lights on and I saw this image of myself as a little girl, age 8, laughing.

When I stopped laughing, I looked around and it was like coming out of a trance, I realised that everyone else was silent and that I had been laughing really loud, I felt embarassed, so I made my excuses and left the table thinking, this is weird and went to join anohter group of performers at another table. 

He came later on and asked for my phone number, I gave it to him without asking for his and made my way out as soon as my performance was finished, I just wanted to get away from him as quickly as possible and left wihout even saying goodbye.

He texted me later on that night and said he thought I was really talented. I also found out from another friend, that the performing was just his hobby and that  he was actually a surgeon.

He kept texting and calling me and I kept thinking why would this successful, good looking, funny, witty, surgeon would want from me?

I finally decided to meet him after 3weeks, the night before the meeting without knowing why, I felt so sad, I drank a bottle of wine and cried all night, I cried over all the realtionships that have never gone anywhere, over  the people I met and loved and who ditched me out of the blue for no apparent reason.

I should have been happy, I wasn’t, I had a sense of foreboding which I didn’t understand,  I knew somehow that he was too good for me and that I was going to blow it.

I decided that the best course of action was to have a chaperone for our first date, I decided to bring my ex along to the ‘date’, he then said well if you bring a ‘friend’  then I will bring a friend along. he got delayed for about 4 hours, he was called to operate on a guy with kidney failureas as he was about to leave to meet me, so he arrived late,  and I was fuming.

I din’t understand how someone could be 4 hours late for a first date :-) 

I had drank about 2 bottles of wine to calm my nerves and was in a foul mood. It was the most horrible date I have ever had, with my ex giving him tips on how to get me to sleep with him or something similar :-)

I lectured him that night on the non-sense of being a surgeon, I told him that he went into surgery simply to get his dads approval, his dad is also a surgeon, I told him that he was a far better performer and he shouldn’t waste his gifts being a surgeon, that medicine was based on a false premise and that it would soon be wipped out by energy healing.

The following day I sent him a long email saying that as I was super entlightened and he obvioulsy wasn’t as someone who was practicing main stream medicine, that he was a moron, and that consequently there was 0 possiblity for him and me to ever co-exist in the same universe let along be friends.

He replied saying that he wished me well.

I was uneasy about the whole thing, so I contacted him a month later and apologised for my behaviour saying that I had abandonment issues and if we could be friends, yes sure..he said.but he never took anohter call from me or agreed to meet me.

I have been pinning for him ever since, it’s coming up to 6 years.

I,ve tried every trick in the book to get him to change his mind, I have beliefs around if I don’t earn it I won’t appreciate it,

I had so much grief and sense of loss, 3 days after I met him, a voice in my head said, he is the one…I tried to move on few times, i.e meeting other people but I kept recereating the pattern, it has actually gotten worse, I have been dragging this sense of being a reject all these years.

I did the grief and loss clearing yesterday and it’s like it never happened.

I found out through muscle testing that we have a past life connection (I had known before) and that he had an agreement to be with me in this life time whereas i didn’t have one with him.

I released him from his agreement and the whole thing shifted, I cannot believe it, for the first time in years, I have no regrets or sense of loss about what could have been.

I think of him with fondness and strangely joy, but there is no charge, it’s a kind of take it or  leave it feeling, whereas before, it felt like a compulsion to be with him.

I have practiced so much stuff over the years, from affirmations, to visualisation, to meditation to hypnosis, I have dedicated an hour a day for the last two and a half years to make something pop, but it never did until now!

Dear Brent, thank you, thank you, thank you for the gift! I feel amazing! Keep up the good work!

With Love


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