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Power of mind

What Exactly is this “YOU” that has Prosperity?

As mentioned previously, the root cause of so much of the poverty, insufficiency, suffering, exploitation, hunger, untreated disease, violence, crime, and many other problems in the world is just one false belief. In the study of Awakening, this false belief is called “the Great Lie”.
Essentially, the Great Lie is the false belief that we are separate beings. In other words, for the un-Awakened, what we think of as “ME” or “I” is a separate being; for most people it is a human being that has awareness. For others exposed to New Age thought, the “ME” or “I” may be understood as some sort of energy or spirit being or soul having a human experience.
In essence, this false belief that we are separate beings leads us to the false conclusion that there is not enough to go around; in other words, belief in separation
leads directly to belief in insufficiency. Belief in insufficiency then leads to a belief that we must compete to secure scarce resources. Competition then leads to many forms of of aggression, exploitation, and harm to both humans, animals, and the Earth itself.
In summary:
Separation => Insufficiency => Competition => Bad Stuff Happens!
Quite simply, the primary thing holding you back from living a life of abundance through benevolence is your limited “I” thought; in other words, it is what you think is “YOU”, meaning the awareness in your head.
The good news is that the underlying mechanics of prosperity and abundance actually favor benevolence, and we will discuss this in detail later in this series. In essence, the narrower your “I” thought and your egoic identification – that is, what you believe is “YOU” – the more resistance you will encounter, the more suffering you will experience, and the more difficult it will be to achieve your goals in life.
A great place to start is by measuring the size of your current “I” thought. Now, don’t get me wrong; every human being that draws breath has an “I” thought, so it is not inherently bad or wrong. The trouble is simply that most of us have a very small, limited, and false idea of what this “I” is, and we can’t see through it!
Many people in the world, especially if you do not have children, have an “I” thought that only encompasses a single human organism. In other words, when you think of “your prosperity” or “your abundance”, for many of us it means simply that there would be a really big number in your bank account and you would be able to buy whatever you want and probably never have to work if you didn’t want to. I admit that, until I had a child of my own, this was a pretty accurate description of Brent’s “I” thought. That’s a fine place to start, but let’s see if we can do better!
One of the spiritual reasons that we have families and love them so much is that this love nudges towards increasing the size of the “I” thought. In other words, when the “I” thought expands to encompass your family, when you think of “your prosperity” or “your abundance”, it means that you and your family have a lot of money and can buy what you want and never have to work. This is a really important aspect of spiritual evolution; you begin to identify with a small group of people and strive to achieve prosperity for the group, rather than just a single individual.
Of course, some people are born with a large “I” thought, but for most of us it starts small and expands at important junctions in life; sometimes it happens when you get married, and it almost always happens when you have children. Those who do not expand their “I” thought to include their children are those we call psychopaths and sociopaths. Sadly, there are plenty of examples these dysfunctional people in history, most obviously kings and warlords and other leaders who had their own children murdered in order to secure their power.
One who has completely Awakened has – at least intellectually – come to the realization that the “I” is truly all of existence! The fully Awakened understand that there is only one Awareness; that is the non-dual. We all experience awareness in our heads; did you know that there is *only one* of that?!? In fact, the awareness in your head is the exact same thing as the awareness in my head and the awareness of every human and animal and being throughout the entire universe, and all the dimensions, including the energetic and angelic realms!
One who has completely embodied this understanding is what we call Enlightened; with Enlightenment, there is no suffering and no resistance, and you are completely present in every moment living, breathing, and feeling the truth that we are all connected, knowing and constantly experiencing that we are all one.
In essence, the path to abundance through benevolence is the path of expanding and growing your “I” thought. As the scope of your “I” thought increases, there will be less and less unconscious resistance, which vastly magnifies your power to create what you want and achieve your goals in life in a benevolent fashion. 
We haven’t explained exactly how that works yet, but don’t worry, that is the subject of our next article!
One last thing I want to mention here is that even the most highest vibration enlightened masters still have an “I” thought. However, it is an expansive “I” thought, and it is transparent; in other words, they can see through it. They still have a mind and body, and they use the same language as you and me, but they are able to see through the limited thinking of the ego-mind when it has thought such as “my body”, “my money”, or even “my family.”
To finish up, let me offer this list of block clearings and downloads that will create an underlying energetic foundation in the subconscious mind to expand your “I” thought and turbo-charge your process of creating abundance through benevolence!
I have the Creator’s perspective on who I truly am
My perspective is the same
I know the difference between my body and awareness
I know this from the Creator’s perspective
I know the difference between my mind and awareness
I know this from the Creator’s perspective
I know the difference between my human identity and awareness
I know this from the Creator’s perspective
I know the difference between my family and awareness
I know this from the Creator’s perspective
I am my mind
I am my body
I am <your name>
I am <profession>
I am a <your family name or surname>
I am a <your nationality>
I am <your race>

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