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Brent Michael Phillips Internationally known Best Selling Author and Master Healer, the media has called him the "#1 most powerful American Healer & Spiritual Teacher.

Who is Brent Michael Phillips?

 Brent Michael Phillips was a successful MIT-trained engineer and video game entrepreneur who experienced a staggering physical challenge that led to his arm became immobile and frozen at the elbow after a botched surgery. 

After a long battle of failed conventional and alternative treatments, Brent experienced a miracle when he his elbow instantly healed from energy healing.

Knowing his life path was fortuitously altered, he then spent years studying with various master healers and spiritual teachers to discover and reverse-engineer the scientific laws and principles underlying miraculous instant healings, manifesting prosperity, and even enlightenment.

Today Brent is the founder of Awakening Dynamics, an internationally known and best-selling author and speaker, and has dedicated his life to spreading the most powerful techniques of energy healing, manifesting, intuition, and the ascension of consciousness towards Enlightenment.




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