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The Incredible Power of Attention

how to improve brain power

The Incredible Power of Attention

After spending over a decade as a full time healing practitioner on top of many years spent as a serious spiritual seeker, it’s not too often that I find something new that really blows me away. But I was truly blown away when I was introduced to the study of attention and what is known as “Open Focus” attention.

If you are reading this article, then you are likely to be already aware of the incredible power of the mind. You also probably know that you can harness the power of your mind to generate wealth and prosperity, heal your body and mind, and manifest wonderful, loving relationships. In particular, I would hope you have some experiences of creating positive changes in your life by learning to work with your subconscious mind via the Formula for Miracles tools.

However, very few of us – even those with years of experience with energy healing – have ever explored the subject of exactly how and why we pay attention. This seems odd when you realize that “paying attention” is one of the most profound and fundamental aspects of consciousness!

It’s unfortunate that most of us have been trained to think of attention only in terms of us “paying attention” or “not paying attention”. In other words, we tend to think that unless we are narrowly focused and concentrate on a particular task or object that we are “paying attention to”, then we must not be paying attention.

The truth is that our brains and our consciousness can be used in a variety of ways to create different forms of attention, each of which is well suited to particular sorts of tasks and applications. We’ll explore the different kinds of attention in more detail in a later article, but for now let’s start by recognizing that there are two primary kinds of attention: “rigid narrow focus” attention, which is a stress state where you focus intensely on one object or task, and “open focus” attention, which is a relaxed healing state where you diffuse your focus and give attention to everything in the environment simultaneously.

There are three important reasons why I am so excited about this research, and why I think just about everyone (including YOU!) will want to learn how to master how they use and apply their attention.

First, if you know my story, you know that I lived with chronic pain for a very long time, and that I’ve spent many years and hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to heal my body and mind with various doctors, healers, therapists, diets, supplements, medications, machines, exercises, retreats, meditations, modalities, and more. During my journey it has become crystal clear to me that there is simply nothing that anyone can do to me or give to me that will make a permanent, significant change in my health. Instead, the solution resides within my mind, in particular the way in which I pay attention. And with the study of attention I may have discovered the last “missing piece” to help you to de-stress your life, dissolve pain, heal mental and physical challenges, and radically accelerate your spiritual progress.

Second, the research on attention and the “Open Focus” attention state is the closest thing to a “direct hit” in terms of a scientific, medical, and neurological explanation of advanced spiritual states and practices. I’ve spent many years studying with some incredible healers, intuitives, and coaches, and up until recently I saw their abilities as something akin to “spiritual superpowers”. Now I see that these so-called superpowers actually consist primarily of learning to consciously harness and control how one pays attention. Even better, I recognize how extremely talented healers and intuitives have a natural ability to shift into a deep “Open Focus” state at will.

Third, for those that followed the “Awakening” series, study Non-Duality, and/or are serious about exploring the advanced levels of spiritual development that lead directly to Enlightenment, the “Open Focus” material is an incredible short cut to help you develop the capacity to embody your Awakening. (In other words, living every moment in grace, letting your life be guided by a higher dimensional power and intelligence.) In fact, I’d say that the primary challenge of the path that leads from Awakening to Enlightenment is learning to master your attention and live your life in an “Open Focus” state!

While many of my teachers and experiences contribute to this material, the most important source that inspired and influences for this event is the work of Dr Les Fehmi and his book The Open Focus Brain.

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