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Private Sessions

Elite private coaching with Brent might be exactly what you need!

The fastest path to change in your life to work with Brent one-on-one to quickly identify and release the exact subconscious blocks causing problems in your life!

As the inventor of Awakening Dynamics®, Brent Michael Phillips combines the highly trained mind and technical savvy of an MIT-trained engineer with his many years of experience doing tens of thousands of elite private coaching and healing sessions.

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Session Duration

Private sessions are generally 60 minutes.

Most clients start with the discounted “mini-package” of two 60 minute private sessions, which also includes additional valuable bonuses.

Two Hour Mini Package (BEST VALUE!)

Invest in yourself! Get a two hours with Brent, plus the Secrets of Muscle Testing video tutorial, plus a 30 day $1 trial in the VIP Club for just $597.

(The normal price is $899; you save $302!)

All private sessions in a discount mini-package are to be used within 90 days, but you’ll always get an extension if Brent is unavailable to complete your package within 90 days.

You may use the sessions for yourself, or share the sessions with your immediate family who are living with you. Private sessions in a discount mini-package are generally 60 minutes and held during regularly scheduled session times (see below for details.)

For clients who have completed the Awakening Dynamics weekend intensives, Brent will sometimes offer 30 minute sessions on a case-by-case basis, as he can work more quickly with those who have done the training.

First Class private sessions that can be scheduled outside the normal times (including evenings and weekends) are not eligible for package discounts.

There are no refunds on private sessions.

Single Session Rates

The rate for a single private session during regularly scheduled times is $400 for 60 minutes (see below for details of regularly scheduled times.)

If you wish to book online (recommended), please click here to submit request for elite private coaching with Brent Michael Phillips.

Or, contact us via phone at 818 915 0960, or via email at sessions@awakeningdynamics.com

First Class Sessions: Urgent or Custom Scheduling to Fit Your Needs

Brent’s regular schedule is generally booked weeks in advance, so if you need an appointment as soon as possible or outside the times listed above, please contact us via phone at 818 915 0960, or via email at sessions@awakeningdynamics.com to book a First Class session.

Let us know when you are available and any deadlines you have (for example, if you are scheduled for a medical procedure or are leaving on a trip) and you’ll receive priority booking for your personalized First Class session at the soonest available time.

Additionally, in-person sessions (at our office in West Los Angeles) are only available to First Class clients.

The rate for First Class private sessions is $500 per 60 minutes (no package or VIP discounts apply to First Class sessions).

Can we do sessions remotely on the phone or Skype?

YES! Brent does private sessions almost exclusively via phone or Skype; distance is not a factor! Brent has had great success doing private sessions on Skype, over the phone (including clients in Europe, Asia, and Africa) and even through Internet chat. 

Regular Session Times

All appointments are Pacific Time and observe daylight savings time during the summer months. Pacific Time is 3 hours earlier than Eastern Time and 7 hours earlier than Greenwich Mean Time (so 1:00 PM Pacific Time is 4:00 PM Eastern Time and 8:00 Greenwich Mean Time.)

Monday: 8-9AM; 9:15-10:15AM; 3:00PM-4:00PM

Tuesday: 8-9AM; 9:15-10:15AM; 4:00PM-5:00PM

Wednesday: 8-9AM; 9:15-10:15AM; 2:00PM-3:00PM

Thursday: 8-9AM; 9:15-10:15AM; 4:00PM-5:00PM

Friday: 8-9AM; 9:15-10:15AM; 10:45AM-11:45AM

If you are flexible with scheduling and might be able to fill a cancellation on short notice, please ask to be added to the cancellation list.

Required Disclaimer Form

Before you have your first private session, please fill out and return to us this short disclaimer form required by law for Energy Healers working in California.

Cancellation policy

We recognize that it is sometimes impossible to keep our appointments amidst the chaos of our busy lives. If you can not keep an appointment, please contact us as soon as possible to reschedule. Missed appointments are disruptive and inconvenient, especially to those who are on the waiting list or have an urgent problem. As a result, sessions missed without providing 36 hours notice via phone or email may be charged a cancellation fee of 50% of the session charge. All private sessions in a package must be used within one year of purchase.

IMPORTANT: As a courtesy, we will send you a reminder. Declining a Google calendar invitation does NOT cancel or reschedule your session; you need to call or email us!


If you have an urgent physical or emotional problem, please call 911 or seek immediate help from a licensed health care professional or local emergency services. We are not equipped or licensed as an emergency care center and can not provide emergency services.

If you would like to book a session as soon as possible, please ask to book a First Class private session.