Private Session

An Awakening Dynamics private session might be exactly what you need to experience a miraculous healing or life transformation!

The fastest and most effective way to immediate change in your life from the Awakening Dynamics® is private sessions. In a private session, we will work with you to identify and release the exact subconscious blocks causing problems in your life! As the inventor of Awakening Dynamics®, Brent Phillips combines the highly trained mind and technical savvy of an MIT-trained engineer with his years of experience doing tens of thousands of healing private sessions.

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Session Duration

Awakening Dynamics® private sessions are generally 30 minutes long.

However, it is recommended that first-time clients book a 60 minute session, to ensure that we have enough time to answer your questions, cover the basics of muscle testing, and learn about your background and current challenges, because most of us tend to have more than one problem.

Brent offers a discount on a package of private sessions, and it is fine to wait until the end of your first session to decide if you want to do a package.

Rates for private session

Invest in yourself! Get a mini-package of two hours of private sessions with Brent plus a 30 day $1 trial in the VIP Club for $597. (The normal price is $887.)

All private sessions in a discount package are to be used within 90 days, but you’ll always get an extension if Brent is traveling, has a heavy teaching schedule, or otherwise unavailable to complete your package within 90 days.

You may use the sessions for yourself, or share the sessions with your immediate family who are living with you (spouses, parents or young children). All private sessions in a discount package are 30 or 60 minute remote (telephone or Skype) private sessions during regularly scheduled session times.

First Class private sessions scheduled outside normal session times (evenings and weekends) are not eligible for package discounts.

There are no refunds on private sessions.

Single Sessions

The rate for a single private session during regularly scheduled times is $200 per 30 minutes (If you need a session outside regularly scheduled session times, please see – download information about Private Session times).  

If you have been a member of the Awakening Dynamics® VIP Club for more than 30 days, the rate only $150 per 30 minutes – save $50 per session with your VIP Club membership! 

If you wish to book online (recommended), please click here to submit request a Awakening Dynamics® private session with Brent Phillips. Otherwise, contact us via phone, fax, email, or postal mail, and you can download the Private Session Package authorization form and/or download the Private Session disclaimer form.

First Class Sessions: Custom Scheduled to Fit Your Needs

Brent’s regular schedule is generally booked several weeks in advance, so If you need an appointment as soon as possible or outside the times listed above, please contact us and book a First Class session.

Let us know when you are available and any deadlines you have (for example, if you are scheduled for a medical procedure or are leaving on a trip) and you’ll receive priority booking your personalized First Class at the soonest convenient time.

Additionally, in-person sessions (at our office in West Los Angeles) are only available to First Class clients. The rate for First Class private sessions is $300 per 30 minutes (no package or VIP discounts apply to First Class sessions).

Does it matter if we do it in person or over the phone?

No. Awakening Dynamics® sessions can be done in person, or over the phone – distance is not a factor! Brent has had great success doing Awakening Dynamics® private sessions in person, over the phone (including clients in Europe, Asia, and Africa) and through Internet chat. 

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Download information about Private Session times