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What is Fear?

what is fear

What is Fear?

All of us experience fear in different forms, and overcoming your fears is going to be a key to your personal transformation, leading to health, wealth, love, and – ultimately! – spiritual enlightenment. Indeed, if you could transcend a big chunk of your core fears this in instant, you’d be walking through walls, performing instant manifestations, moving objects with your mind, and teleporting around the globe! In the extreme, if you somehow released ALL your fears all at once, your physical body would dematerialize in an explosion of light and energy that would look sort of like the “quickening” from the Highlander movies and TV series!

The goal of this special event is to give you new insights into what exactly fear is, how fears are created, and effective processes that you can use to overcome your fears.

Today, we’re going to focus on what fear is, both on a physical/biological level and on the esoteric/energetic level.

Physically, fear is a physiological response to a perceived threat activated via the sympathetic nervous system. We’ve all experienced the “fight or flight” effect that occurs when we are frightened: blood rushes to the extremities, blood pressure and heart rate increases, alertness and awareness are heightened, etc. We’re not going to focus much on detailing the body’s physical reaction to fear, as this has been thoroughly researched by others. For our purposes, it’s sufficient to recognize that fear is a powerful biological imperative designed to keep us alive in a dangerous environment, and that it works its magic in the body via the sympathetic nervous system (aka the “flight or flight” response.)

What we’re really interested in is the esoteric/energetic definition of fear, for this will give us the knowledge and wisdom to actually start to overcome our fears. A quick, borderline silly definition of fear is as follows:

FEAR = “F)alse E)vidence A)ppearing R)eal”!

And as we expand on what fear really is, you’ll see that this definition is both insightful and accurate!

Another way to think about fear is that it is the destructive polar opposite, or dual, to the creative energy of love. Everything in the Universe is composed of opposite energies interacting, sort of like two sides of a coin. At the most fundamental level, EVERYTHING is some combination of fear and love, and in fact – just like two sides of a coin – it is impossible to separate the two!

Fear is just the other side of the love coin, and the interaction or “sacred dance of love and fear” literally creates everything in the Universe! There’s lots of ways to think about this, but below is a brief list of other words or energies that are associated with the poles of fear and love:

“NEGATIVE” fear; separation; ego; duality; polarity; physicality; divine male energy; attachment; agenda; force; past and future; suspicion; worry; stress; light

“POSITIVE” love; unity; spirit; connection; energy; divine female energy; open to outcome; power; presence; the “now”; trust; knowingness; appreciation; gratitude; dark

If you’re paying close attention, you’ll notice that dark got put into the “good” group, and light got put into the “bad” group!

First, nothing is inherently good or bad – it is only the mind’s egoic judgments that make it so. Second, the energy of darkness is the energy of the void, and all creation comes from the void; it is powerful, wild, uncontrolled, unknowable, which all describe the divine feminine. By contrast, light is the energy of directed purpose, of a specific energy occurring at a specific point in the Universe, which describes the divine masculine.

Everything we experience is a combination of these poles. In fact, without polarity, we could never experience anything! For example, imagine if everything in the Universe was exactly the same temperature. If this was the case, it would be impossible to experience the warmth of a fireplace on a cold night, or the cool sea breeze washing across your body as you walk next to Ocean on a hot summer day.

If you dig a little bit deeper into these polarities, you’ll often find that under the surface the polarities may not be so much two opposite things, but instead really just one thing and the lack of that same thing. For example, light and dark are polar opposites, but if you really think about it, what is “dark” but merely the lack or absence of light? In that sense, then, you’ll find that sometimes things don’t really exist as opposites, as much as one thing and the presence or lack of that one thing. So when we say it is dark, what we really mean is that there is an absence of light. Similarly, when we say that it is cold, what we really mean is that there is an absence of heat.

So really, on the most fundamental level, fear is simply the lack or absence of the creative force of unconditional love!

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